Moonbirds – that’s why the new NFT project causes euphoria

In mid-April, an NFT project started with Moonbirds, the success of which attracted a lot of attention. Because PROOF, the team behind Moonbirds, expands NFT-related concepts in exciting detail.

The pixelated bird faces known as Moonbirds are currently priced at US$100,000+ as NFTs on the leading Opensea marketplace. Payment is made in Ethereum (ETH) and blockchain data shows lively business with Moonbirds. The 10,000 NFT Moonbirds only debuted on Saturday (April 16), where they were pre-sold at an individual price of 2.5 Ethereum each (about US$7,600). What is behind the huge demand for moonbirds?

The cute little birds are designed as profile pictures (PFP), a use for NFTs that is all the rage. On Twitter, Instagram and Co., users can use one of the moonbirds to stand out from the crowd. Something similar happens with CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. But for Moonbirds, the PROOF release team found additional tips:

1. Must be a member of PROOF Collective to be guaranteed Moonbirds release date. Behind this is a group of 1,000 people who define themselves as collectors and creators of the NFT scene. Club IDs for the exclusive PROOF Collective are of course also generated as NFTs and are currently traded at prices from 100 Ethereum (approximately US$300,000). With Moonbirds, PROOF carried out its first NFT project in the field of profile photos and was able to count on the multiplier effects of the collective even before the launch.

2. The relatively high issue price of the Moonbirds ensured that creatives received their income and that financially strong interested parties were attracted to free trade. The latter, for their part, rely at least in part on the expertise of PROOF Collective.

3. Lunar birds should allow staking, referred to in this project as “nesting.” If a Moonbirds NFT is not sold for a long time, Nestling is supposed to give it extra and rare features such as special colors. Such an approach is new to popular NFT projects.

4. The Highrise project, which is to become a metaverse, is still without a schedule. Every Moonbirds owner earns the right to be preferred in the start-up phase of Highrise – or so the Moonbirds website says.

Conclusion: Moonbirds – the next blue chips among NFTs?

Exclusive club membership also plays an important role at the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where just one of 10,000 NFTs now costs over $300,0000. Here too, a metaverse is promised with the new ApeCoin (APE) behind it. Basically, moonbirds also show which additional possibilities can be combined with NFTs. On the other hand, with ApeCoin as with Moonbirds / PROOF Collective, the cliques are already recognizable at the beginning and the publishers and the first members of the club are cheated in an undemocratic way. Whether the aesthetically questionable Moonbirds can continue to drive interest and business for years to come remains the question mid- to long-term investors need to ask themselves.

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