MontanaBlack: NFT scam – fans have no sympathy for Twitch streamers

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MontanaBlack recently held an NFT sweepstakes. However, it turned out to be a scam. Because of the scandal, the streamer is now taking a break.

Update of 02/21/2022: The controversy surrounding the NFT draw seems to have left its mark on MontanaBlack. He announced on Twitter that he will now take a break: MontanaBlack takes a break – fans worry about Twitch streamers after tweet

Full Name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
Known as MontanaBlack
Date of Birth March 02, 1988
Place of birth Buxtehude, Lower Saxony
Followers on Twitch 4.363 million (as of January 2022)
Subscribers on YouTube 2.9 million (as of January 2022)

Updated on 02/14/2022: MontanaBlack’s NFT draw scandal is now making more waves on social media. Many users on Twitter are accusing Twitch streamer Buxtehude of greed and don’t understand why MontanaBlack didn’t find out enough about their partner’s seriousness before the competition. User INEVITABLE even reported Marcel Eris to the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) as he suspected tax evasion in MontanaBlack’s behavior.

Twitch streamer Tanzban, who has long criticized MontanaBlack for its NFT advertising, also reacts and says: “I said it all along.In summary, the NTF swastika scandal and coin toss scam drama did MontanaBlack’s reputation a disservice. It was certainly worth it financially for the Buxtehude streamer, but most of his fans are currently disappointed with Monte.

MontanaBlack NFT Contest Scandal: Fans Disappointed With Marcel Eris

Update of 02/13/2022, 8:50 a.m.: MontanaBlack is withdrawing from the case. The Twitch streamer has a tangible NFT scandal on his hands. The 34-year-old first announced an NFT draw suspected of fraud, and now he’s cleaning up behind it. The statement in which Marcel Eris admitted that organizer “Squiggles” is a fraudulent network has now disappeared from the streamer’s Twitter channel – new fodder for the NFT enthusiast’s detractors.

It’s not yet known if the “Squiggles” organizer has reached out to MontanaBlack and the streamer has now bowed to network pressure or if the Twitch star is simply planning a new revised statement. Thing is, even die-hard fans are disappointed and crying out for more transparency and second-hand scrutiny from Marcel Eris, MontanaBlack’s real name. Even the OpenSea platform reports that around 80% of all NFT projects have fraudulent tendencies on their side.

MontanaBlack Falls In Love With Scammers – NFT Sweepstakes Exposed As A Scam

First report of February 12, 2022: Buxtehude – MontanaBlack has been criticized for weeks for regularly running dodgy NFT draws on Twitter. Now there has been a big scandal, because one of the contests turned out to be a scam. Apparently, scammers were behind the NFT project and wanted to scam MontanaBlack fans and other influencers. The Twitch streamer has now released a statement on Twitter, but his followers don’t seem reassured.

What competition is it? MontanaBlack has been promoting NFT projects on Twitter for several weeks. It organizes competitions and distributes so-called whitelisted places for NFT projects. This allows winners to access NFTs earlier and get preferential purchases there.

Now there was a competition from MontanaBlack with the “Squiggles” project. There should be NFTs to buy there and Monte Whitelist places given out exactly for that.

What was wrong with the draw? NFT Squiggles must be published and traded on the OpenSea platform. However, OpenSea removed the entire project from its platform as they suspect a scam behind it. The project managers are said to have already hosted other NFT projects and after enough buyers got on board, shut down all of their social media channels. So they pocketed the money and just disappeared.

What did MontanaBlack say about the scam? MontanaBlack has distanced itself Twitter of the project and insists that he knew nothing about it. He also said he and the contest winners were not whitelisted and therefore could not invest any money. The bottom line is that there is something good about the situation, according to MontanaBlack.

MontanaBlack Promotes Scammer Sweepstakes – NFT Scandal at Twitch Star.

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MontanaBlack has been deeply involved in the NFT industry for weeks – a paradise for fraudulent projects

What is behind these NFT projects? Right now there is a lot of NFT activity, especially on Twitter. More and more influencers are being asked to participate in competitions. They should promote the project and bring the attention of as many fans as possible to it, and in return, many of them will receive information about when it is better to resell NFTs.

The procedure is often similar. There is a lot of publicity for an NFT project. This drives prices up as more and more people get interested and board. At some point, the publicity will end and the big backers will pull out of the project. As a result, prices fall again and simple buyers end up with expensive NFTs.

MontanaBlack has also repeatedly announced questionable plans. So far, only the Squiggles project has been exposed as a scam, but many fans in its community are generally skeptical about the existence of reputable vendors behind it.

In the meantime, MontanaBlack no longer attempts to publicly show which NFTs it buys and sells. For this, he must now transfer his complete NFTs from his main account to secondary accounts. However, these buyers can still be traced. More recently, there was a scandal surrounding MontanaBlack involving an NFT swastika.

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