Minecraft is coming to Web3 via NFT Worlds

Minecraft is the best-selling video game in the world, but unlike many other games, it hasn’t had its own in-game market. Indie developers are changing that by turning Minecraft into a Web3 game – NFT Worlds.

What is NFT Worlds?

Graphic pixel gaming is known for its various possibilities. It must be possible for the player to develop according to his individual wishes. Minecraft would also be ideal for a Web3 adaptation.

While Mojang developers haven’t backed this idea yet, independent programmers didn’t want to wait any longer and started the NFT Worlds project.

Collaborative work is not uncommon in Minecraft. While Mojang took over development of the game, independent organizers operated their own servers, which made Minecraft very popular in multiplayer. The game’s modding scene is also pronounced.

NFT Worlds also uses this principle, but extends the functionality with additional elements. Instead of a normal Minecraft server, NFT Worlds turns Minecraft into a world similar to Decentraland.

Land can be purchased with cryptocurrencies. NFT Worlds uses Polygon for this – a fast and inexpensive layer 2 solution for Ethereum.

As the name of the platform suggests, the world is made up of individual NFTs that act like bundles. The current base price per NFT of OpenSea is 14.9 Ethereum, which is the equivalent of more than 37,400 euros.

NFT Worlds has great potential

Number of Minecraft players. Source: statista.com

NFT Worlds presents itself as the Metaverse. Unlike other Metaverse games, Minecraft already has a very large active player base across the world. According to Statista, the video game has more than 140 million monthly players.

Blockchain and virtual reality

From there, the path to the Metaverse is not very far. To access NFT Worlds, players simply need to get the specific server address and register with an Ethereum wallet address to get started.

Players can expect a modified Minecraft world, which of course they can help shape themselves. To trade items with other players, you use your own ERC-20 WRLD token, which is currently priced at 26 cents.

Since the entire server ecosystem is token-based, money can also be earned by playing. So it’s a game where you play to win.

Does NFT Worlds have scalability issues?

The purpose of a Metaverse is to create a particularly immersive gaming experience. More recently, the term referred to the ability to use VR glasses and have particularly busy servers.

Decentraland is the biggest game yet that wants to represent a metaverse. There is currently no upper limit for players. Besides that, there is only one instance.

It’s different with Minecraft. There are many different servers that can usually only accommodate a few dozen players at the same time. More powerful servers already serve several hundred players at the same time.

NFT Worlds is currently still in the testing phase, but wants to accommodate as wide an audience as possible on its own servers. The current limit is 6,400 players on the main NFT Worlds server.

The test phase is used to check the resilience of the servers and therefore to determine how many players can enter a server at the same time. The crowd grows. During the test, 26,000 players entered the server in just three days.

The various instances of NFT Worlds currently listed. Source: nftworlds.com

In the future, overloading should also be prevented by NFT Worlds opening different worlds – i.e. different instances.

NFT Worlds is building its own game

Also, the developers of the Metaverse game are working on a standalone game, so in the future, the connection to the server will no longer be established through the Minecraft client. This could potentially lead to better functionality.

To make matters worse, the extreme size of a single metaverse instance. While Decentraland has over 23 million square meters of digital space, NFT Worlds has 3.6 trillion square meters.

As Minecraft has long been programmed in Java, the game’s source code was actually decompilable, but never open source in principle. NFT Worlds, on the other hand, is built on decompiled code.

Mojang excludes any commercial use of proprietary code in its terms of service.

The user is excluded from the commercial use of our products.

Temptranquil, developer of NFT Worlds, claims that his project is therefore constantly monitored by Mojang.

They are constantly on our discord checking our chat and we talk to them. They are watching us from behind the scenes, so to speak. They don’t give us a formal green light, but I think they see us as the best case scenario for someone using their product.

However, NFT Worlds founders ArkDev and Temptranquil are aware of the risk that Mojang could ban them from their work at any time. Maybe that’s why they want to detach the game from Minecraft somewhat.

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