Metaverse World Yabal Presents Season 1 Live Concert Series

For the first edition of their Metaverse Festival “Yabal – Season One” from May 26 to July 15, 2022, the virtual world Yabal brings promising musicians from the German and international music scene to its virtual stages. The musicians, led by the group ETNAeach performs a live concert and controls their 3D avatars in the virtual concert hall in real time using motion capture suits. “Nothing is recorded. Everything happens live. This is an absolute novelty for such metaverse events” says Dominik Faber, Founder and CEO of Yabal. Audiences can expect a highly interactive experience, as they are also virtually onsite with their created or purchased avatars. During the concert, but also before and after, they can move freely and exchange ideas. Ticket sales start on May 9 on – the ticket for all eight concerts of “Season One” costs €29. The prelude will take place on May 26 Spacerapper Mighty Mac Fluff To do.

International programming is as diverse and colorful as fan avatars

  • ETNA: The electro/indie duo will headline ETNA. Enchanted by organic rhythms, elegant sound design and an absolutely unique voice ETNA fans into a surreal world of sound.
  • DJ Spider: An absolute force on the international club and festival scene DJ Spider from Los Angeles, who has been performing on the biggest stages in the world since 2006.
  • Mighty Mac Fluff: The king of space rap Mighty Mac Fluff takes fan avatars to new dimensions with its mellowbeats, flow and sound that is absolutely infectious.
  • Zuj: The sound universe of the producer and musician Zuj and her vocals transform the virtual concert hall into a varied and wacky jungle of groove, pocket and synth bands.
  • Wezn takes the concept of home production to a new level. This quintessential pop duo delivers deep emotions woven into a thundering 808 levels of bass and vocals.
  • Don Kong: The producer duo Don Kong gets festival audiences dancing with crisp bass music and futuristic sounds.
  • The By’le: With their mixture of umbanda rhythms and electronic sounds The By’le the virtual world of Yabal to shiver. The cultural diversity of music fits perfectly with the different avatars of fans.
  • FREAKSO: The fictional rapper Metaverse FREAKSO exists only in virtual form. His songs evolve in a world apart, influenced by video games and animated pop culture.

It’s not just the musicians who are at the center of the Metaverse Festival. The audience also enriches the virtual dance floors with extravagant avatar outfits. All visitors can create a free avatar using the Ready Player Me free avatar service. If you want to participate as a fan with your avatar, you need at least a web browser or a gaming computer for graphics even better and a good internet connection as well as a ticket.

The Yabal NFT bracelet – for Metaverse fans

Metaverse fans may also find it useful to acquire a Yabal NFT wristband: similar to the recently released Coachella NFT Passports, they grant lifetime free entry to this and all future events in the world of Metaverse. Yabal and can be a valuable investment. The NFT wristbands will be released on the Polygon blockchain at the initial price of 60 MATIC (about 80€ depending on the price).

All essential information about the festival, ticket sales and exact match dates will be published exclusively on Yabal’s Twitter account and published on the Yabal Discord server.

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