Metaverse: These Jobs Pay Extremely High Salaries, But There’s a Catch

A walk-in Internet with many possibilities for leisure and work environments: The Metaverse should become our Web 3.0. But which technical specialists are needed for this and what can they gain? How much money does “game developer’s dream” really cost.

Tech professionals with different skills are needed for the Metaverse.


Work out together then take a fitness class – this and much more should not be limited in the metaverse be possible. However, these applications must also be programmed and designed. Tech talent is rushing Meta and often let themselves be lured by competitors like Apple for even higher wages.

There are some very good offers for developers and engineers, especially in the United States. Does this coincide with the German market or are we sitting on hype here? We spoke to an enterprise IT specialist about the real possibilities of the Metaverse job market.

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