METAVERSE: The Metaverse – A new dimension

is metaverse just a new metaphor? What is behind this term, which many associate with a quantum leap? Can we draw comparisons here with the transition from the PC to the smartphone? Such technological fantasies raise questions. At the same time, however, myths are also beginning to proliferate. With facts, we want opportunities and a possible future of the metaverse enlighten.

How Metaverse Was Born

Who now because of what happened in the fall of 2021 Renamed to Meta to Facebook thinks he hasn’t thought enough. We have to go back further: just as the 1990s film trilogy inflated the term Matrix, it is said to have been science fiction, albeit in book form: in the work published in 1992 “Snow Crash” author Neal Stephenson allows people to act as programmed avatars and software agents in a shared virtual space.

In the foreword, he describes himself as the originator of the terms “metaverse” and “avatar”, which were intended as a marketing gimmick. The term metaverse seems to be clarified with this. The game “Habitat” developed by LucasArt in the 1980s is considered the first metaverse. Of current boom is again supported by developments in the online gaming world, for example by Fortnite, World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy.

Metavers as a neologism or so-called suitcase word takes the back part of the term universe and refers to the worlds beyond the universe with the prefixed word meta (“beyond”). Given this jaw-dropping terminology, it’s clear that there can be no clear definition of the metaverse.

Requirements for a metaverse

For such a world to come true, some technologies intertwinesomething like that

  • decentralized web3
  • 5G Internet
  • AI Artificial Intelligence
  • ANN artificial neural networks
  • machine learning
  • blockchain technology
  • Non-fungible NFT tokens
  • Holography and 3D glasses

and much more.

The particularity will be that real space and digital space merge. Objects and applications can be transported from one world to another. Digital ownership is crossing over NFT get marked. the decentralization is a desired feature in the Metaverse, though it is already recognizable and predictable that big business and other forces will try to massively influence the Metaverse.

Clear the Scene: What’s New in the Metaverse?

If you look at the optimistic thinkers, what the Metaverse is going to concretely offer, you can see the themes in particular Travel, Player, marketing and work.

You could really immerse yourself in worlds the experience becomes immersivebecause it is technically derived from the term immersion (immersion, entry).

Presentation, demonstration and selection of products, all interactions between suppliers and buyers can be done in the virtual “department store” to revolutionize from completely new perspectives, independent of land borders. The same applies to work teams who, regardless of their actual place of residence in virtual rooms can work together. Teachers, students and pupils come together virtual classrooms. Scientists can virtual labs work on cross-border projects in real time. Huge ones are also possible live events.

A recent statement from top English football club Manchester United shows how seriously this is already taken today: Together with tech giant Sony, they plan to build the first virtual stadium.

Infinite expanses – infinitely further

In summary, we can say: if it happens like that, it is really a quantum leap. In a world that seems tempting, but surely also has a dangerous adventure or two in store. As concrete as the current visions are, their implementation will still take some time. The necessary technologies must be developed and linked together.

Meta, for example, wants to do this in Europe 10,000 jobs create: Hardware and software developers, ecosystem designers and security officers will be among them, but also creatives such as influencers, because all influence marketing will also be reinvented.

It could take another ten years before that. It is far ? In view of the width which begins then, not really.

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