Metaverse Fashion Week: here are the highlights of virtual fashion week

Metaverse Fashion Week: It’s happening at Virtual Fashion Week right now

New York, London, Milan, Paris, Metavers? Even if the big fashion weeks are already over: the fashion week season is not over yet. Because for the first time, brands and designers such as Etro, Tommy Hilfiger and Elie Saab are also exhibiting their pieces during the digital fashion week, Metaverse Fashion Week (“MVFW” for short), which takes place on Thursday March 24. 2022) from the virtual real estate platform Decentraland and will run until March 27, 2022. The digital fashion event is freely accessible and only requires you to create your own avatar to experience the virtual world. Events and places to visit over the four days include a few shows as well as showrooms, shops, panels, virtual parties and NFT drops. Fashion will be worn and presented digitally by avatars, but some pieces can also be purchased physically afterwards. We have summarized for you here what else you can discover in the virtual parallel universe.

Metaverse Fashion Week 2022: Here are the highlights of digital fashion week

There has been behind-the-scenes speculation about how the designs might be implemented in an all-virtual world. For the participants themselves, but also for the observers, the biggest digital fashion event to date was and remains a highly anticipated collective experience. While some events are still ongoing, here are the highlights of Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 so far.

Tommy Hilfiger at Metaverse Fashion Week

Tommy Hilfiger presents its Spring 2022 collection in collaboration with Boson Protocol – an e-commerce transaction provider. Customers and visitors can not only buy NFTs for their avatars, but also buy physical objects in the Metaverse. “When I founded my eponymous brand in 1985, I had no idea that fashion weeks would take place in a completely virtual 3D world. I am inspired by the power of digital and the possibilities it offers to work with bigger ones…to connect with groups of people in fascinating and relevant ways,” said Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger at Metaverse Fashion Week on the Decentraland platform.


Etro at Metaverse Fashion Week

Etro’s digital show, which took place at 4 p.m. Friday, focused on the “Liquid Paisley” fluid collection, which also launched as part of the show. A total of 20 male and female avatar looks were showcased on the virtual catwalk. At the same time as the show, Etro opened its first pop-up store in the luxury fashion district of Decentraland, in which customers are taken from the virtual catwalk directly to the Etro store. Part of the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Etro’s new “Liquid Paisley” pattern features on a selection of gender-neutral designs including shirts, sweatshirts, pants and bucket hats. However, the ‘Liquid Paisley’ pattern debuts on the reimagining of a true Etro icon: the ‘Crown Me’ bag, which is adorned with striking metallic studs and now features the playful allover print. Etro’s color palette for Metaverse Fashion Week is fresh and spring-ready with tones like candy pink, emerald green and sunflower yellow.

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