Metavers: Mark Zuckerberg goes “All In”

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Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg is putting everything on the Metaverse map, according to a former decision maker.

It’s been less than a year since Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg turned his company around. The new course: Metaverse. According to a former employee, there is no turning back.

Meta reinvents itself

A recently retired meta executive told Business Insider that the only thing Zuckerberg wanted to talk about was the metaverse.

Internal communication is determined by metaverse posts, new teams would be formed around the vision of the future. A team should play a central role in transmitting the “Metaverse Playbook” to all groups, i.e. goals, strategies and structures.

A meta spokesperson told Business Insider that the current phase is “crucial” for the entire company to go “all in.”

Metaverse Shift: Excitement and Confusion

A current employee speaks of “disorganization” and “anxiety” in teams that don’t really know what to work on or what to deliver. There is still no uniform strategy, despite many announcements from Metaverse, there are no clear results.


“A lot of people are excited, but they also have a lot of questions,” the meta spokesperson commented on Business Insider’s report.

Mark Zuckerberg is currently following his Metaverse vision undeterred and investing accordingly. Last year, he invested $10 billion in transforming his company’s Metaverse. Several billions have been invested in the development of VR and AR technology since the acquisition of Oculus in March 2014.

More billions of investments will follow: in Europe alone, Zuckerberg wants to create up to 10,000 jobs in the metaverse over the next five years, and he is also expanding in Canada with an additional 2,500 jobs for engineers and developers.

Proceeds from these investments should one day bring advanced AR devices in particular, which Meta is currently working on at full speed. The first high-end AR glasses for enthusiasts and development studios are expected to appear in 2024.

Source: Business Insider

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