Meta Quest 2: the developer shows an excellent VR portal

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There will be no more applications in the Metaverse. Instead, you move from room to room. A VR developer shows what it could look like.

Quentin Valembois maintains a YouTube channel where you can learn the basics of VR development. In addition to tutorials, he also posts exciting VR experiences here and there, like recently.

Wanting to feel like Marvel superhero Doctor Strange, Valembois recreated an augmented reality portal for Meta Quest 2 that you can view in style opens with circular movements of the hand. The result is impressive and at the same time gives an idea of ​​how one could switch between Metaverse applications in the future.

A magic door to another world

In his latest YouTube video, the inventor of virtual reality explains how he created the portal.

The first cut was to create a simple target environment. In this case, a green landscape with trees and rocks. After that, Valembois designed an impressive portal, just like in the movies fire sparks throw. A special shader makes the landscape appear to be beyond a portal.

The developer then brought the magic door into physical space using augmented reality. To do this, Valembois uses the pass-through mode of Meta Quest 2. Finally, the developer has implemented the optical hand tracking of the VR glasses in such a way that the portal opens with circular movements of the hand.

Metaverse Portals: Big Vision, Hard Execution

The idea itself is not new, but it has been perfectly implemented and will soon be able to be tested in your four walls: Valembois wants one soon Release demo for Meta Quest 2.


The portal concept also makes you think about the structure of the metaverse. Today, VR and AR applications are still launched like any other program by clicking on colored icons. This standard emerged with the first graphical user interfaces in the 1970s. Since virtual and augmented reality are spatial media, this traditional paradigm could be replaced by a new one that does the technology justice in the next few years.

Meta herself has a vision of a smooth spatial change between applications, as shown in a leaked video from last year (see above). The question is how this is technically implemented. This may require a completely new program architecture.

Anyone wishing to support the work of Valembois can do so via Patreon. With this you unlock all of its tutorials and you can learn how to create such a portal yourself.

Below is the full YouTube video. Once the demo is released, I will update this article.

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