Meta Platforms dares to visit the Metaverse

Meta Platforms continues to roll out its plans for the Metaverse. As a result, the management of the American technology group, which specializes in social media, can rely on great know-how in this area. A plus in combination with the already large reach, which can also lead to success on the new level.

Now a company from the Meta Platforms group apparently dares to visit the restaurant in the Metaverse. What looks like a joke at first glance is a crucial excursion for a partner to further focus branding and user behavior on its own brand.

Meta-platforms: with Wendy’s in the metaverse

As the American platform Yahoo Finance reports, the company Horizon Worlds of the Meta Platforms group plans to build a Metaverse with Wendy’s. It’s supposed to be called Wendyverse and give customers of the system restaurant chain the ability to interact even more intensely with the restaurant in this digital space.

The Wendyverse that the two collaborators are creating includes the restaurant’s first digital store. Within this metaverse, consumers can explore and look behind the scenes. Besides experimenting with different things, trying them out and building a lot. This means that a completely new branding and experience is possible. Even digitally and in the Metaverse, Wendy’s wants to engage its consumers.

Meta Platforms also seems to be a contact for such solutions. They have nothing to do with their own plans in the Metaverse. But they show that other companies are also interested in bringing their business into the digital world to further expand their brand image and market presence.

Know-how is worth a lot

That’s why Meta Platforms dares for me a decisive first visit to the restaurant in the Metaverse. With Wendy’s, an external solution is being tested, which shows that even restaurant chains have an interest in this market. For advertising and consumer engagement, this new digital business offers some options.

Meta Platforms has the know-how, which is undoubtedly worth a lot. Both in the area of ​​social media and in terms of the first adaptations in the new market of the metaverse. This shows that not only your own efforts are relevant in this market. No, but external solutions via partnerships can also be a growth option. After all, know-how is necessary.

Meta Platforms Dares to Dine in the Metaverse article first appeared on The Motley Fool Germany.

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