Marketing trends: TikTok and the Metaverse are coming

In marketing, it is always important to be up to date so that you don’t miss any important trends. For entrepreneurs, missing trends can also mean missing customers and profits.

The social media platform TikTok is currently attracting more and more attention, the metaverse is looming on the horizon – but what use could it be for entrepreneurs and what is currently a waste of time?

“Platforms have grown significantly in recent months and can now help companies in various areas such as customer acquisition or recruitment,” says marketing expert Nicolai Maihöfer.


TikTok reached over 1 billion downloads in 2020 and became an extreme hype. Companies can also take advantage of it to become more visible and win more customers! However, if you want to benefit from the advantages of the platform, you must meet a few requirements: creativity, individuality, time and desire. Because to be successful on the social channel, you have to bring the inspiration to regularly create new videos and interact with your target group. The rule of success at TikTok: only the best videos get the most likes – and the authentic ones also get new customers.

The more companies rely on TikTok as a marketing channel, the more new affluent target groups will discover the network for themselves. It’s a trend that’s already in full swing and will have a growing impact on how the platform will be used in the months to come: with TikTok, businesses can give their customers an effective behind-the-scenes look – and not only in the acquisition of customers, but also in the recruitment with a positive image.


The new digital era and the next stage in the evolution of the web are upon us: soon, job interviews could take place in a digital world called “metaverse” and team meetings could take place in a virtual space. which merges with the people, places and things of the physical world. Location-independent work would take on a whole new meaning – and a huge pool of new talent would open up for businesses in the job market.

Companies could also present their products and services through a virtual showroom and make them tangible for customers. The potential sleep in the metaverse is nearly limitless. Millions of people are already flocking to virtual properties in the Metaverse, which could spark real estate hype for virtual areas. Anyone who jumps on the fast bandwagon while still in the early adoption phase will find similar partners and customers more easily!

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