Marco Frommenkord (FDP) is a candidate in the regional elections

2022 State Election
Reach your goal with sustainable mobility and innovations

Wermelskirchen Marco Frommenkord is the FDP candidate in the regional elections in the district of Rhein-Berg. We present it as well as its political objectives.

Seven candidates from the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis II constituency are standing for a seat in the parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia in the May 15 elections. Our editorial team asked them about their political ambitions and goals. Marco Frommenkord is an FDP candidate.

Why do you want to enter the state parliament? “As the saying goes: An entrepreneur makes a commitment! I am a strong friend of politics, creating pragmatic and innovative solutions through a great willingness to compromise. This is the only way for a city, a region or even a country to develop further. I would love to be part of it,” says Frommenkord.

What has been your political orientation so far? Frommenkord sees them personally in the areas of education, digitalization, mobility and the future. “I would like to take the good work of the previous state government and continue to sharpen it. Preferably ‘roll up your sleeves and let’s go’. With good arguments under his belt, he wants to “implement a good outcome with other factions.”

What do you want to achieve above all for the district? “The RBK is a great mix of countryside and city, business and nature, cheerfulness and reliability,” says Frommenkord. “In order to maintain this charm, it is important to offer everyone the opportunity to achieve their individual goals.” This means: sustainable mobility concepts to combine rural and urban. Furthermore, digital infrastructure should be extended at all levels and educational opportunities should be accessible to all in a variety of ways. This also includes strengthening the training and continuing education market.

What do you think of compulsory vaccination, have you been vaccinated or boosted? Frommenkord is double vaccinated and boosted. “I did it because I have confidence that I can protect myself as best I can from a serious course of the disease.” But he does not believe in compulsory vaccination. “An obligation – for whatever reason – should never be the last resort, whether that alone leads to a solution,” he says. “If you are to believe the experts from RKI or Stiko, the spread and therefore further mutations of the virus will ultimately not be prevented by vaccinations.” Everyone should therefore be able to make the decision to be vaccinated themselves.

What do you think of the current Corona rules in NRW? “They exist and I stick to them. I did not participate in the discussion or the decision-making process. However, I am not a proponent of stigma by classification,” says Frommenkord. “Uniform rules, provided they serve to protect the general public and apply equally to everyone, would probably have done better for social cohesion than regulations for 2G, 2Gplus or 3G.”

How can the towns and municipalities in the district adapt even better to Ukrainian refugees? “By reducing bureaucracy. Humanitarian aid should not be understood and treated as an administrative act”, believes the FDP candidate. “Administrative obstacles must be removed immediately in order not only to allow refugees to stay, but also to give them the chance to be part of of society. I am currently experiencing a high level of solidarity from the local population. If citizens can help refugees with housing, food, etc. in the short term and without bureaucracy, then a municipality or state should be able to do the same.

Which climate protection measures should be given priority in the municipalities of Bergisch over the next five years? In addition to sustainable mobility concepts for efficient and at best climate-neutral locomotion, Frommenkord names a sustainable, innovative and independent energy supply. “I find the principle of local cold heating very exciting here,” says the candidate. Sustainable reforestation of forest areas is also important.

In which areas should the state mainly support the municipalities of Bergisch in the coming years? Frommenkord mentions here better and faster financial aid for citizens – “especially the legal abolition of road construction contributions in the KAG municipal tax law, preventive in climate protection and downstream in the fight against disasters .” In addition, a modification of the municipal code to involve young people in politics.

What do you think has changed for the better in the district after five years? Frommenkord’s vision for the future: “Digitalization is understood as added value and support”, innovations make it possible to achieve goals – including climate goals. The expansion of the digital infrastructure will then be complete, and sustainable and national mobility will also facilitate everyday life. In addition, the basis for a lifelong education “focused on the promotion of talents” has been created regardless of living conditions.

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