Logitech and Bretman Rock Host the Metaverse’s First Music Awards Ceremony, the Song Breaker Awards

Logitech for Creators today announced the second annual Logitech Song BreakeAwards, the premier music awards show in Roblox (NYSE:RBLX). The awards recognize creators and artists who have shaped music through dance, memes and trends on TikTok and YouTube. The show will premiere on Roblox on Saturday, April 30 at 7 p.m. and will have three more performances throughout the weekend. The pre-show experience starts today.

The Song Breaker Awards show is one of many events as part of Logitech for Creators’ global campaign, Together We Create, to work closely with creators to shape the future of creativity together.

The Song Breaker Awards will be hosted by digital artist Bretman Rock. Lizzo, icon and winner of multiple GRAMMY® awards, will also make her Metaverse debut on stage at the Song Breaker Awards.

“I had so much fun collaborating with Logitech for Creators on the show,” Rock said. “I can’t wait to join the community in celebrating amazing and talented artists!”

Lizzo, who premiered her new song “Special” as part of Logitech’s DEFY LOGIC campaign earlier this year, will perform the track on the awards stage. “I’m very excited to make my Metaverse debut at Logitech and play ‘Special,'” Lizzo said. “As a musician and songwriter, I love that the Logitech Song Breaker Awards recognize each creator’s unique talents and show how each influences pop culture and music.”

Other performers gathered at this year’s celebrations include Roblox’s Princess Peachy MeganPlays, Twitch streamer Shroud, and musician and activist Jaden Smith. There will also be a musical performance by singer-songwriter GAYLE, best known for her Billboard #1 hit “abcde-forget-u”.

Before the show, fans can ride Roblox on epic rollercoasters, collect Creator Coins, or earn badges as they play to unlock special items. At the Creator Society Café and the DEFY LOGIC Lounge, they can go out and purchase exclusive items like Pop Key hats, Litra Glow grand pianos, and Lizzo Concert t-shirts for your avatar in the Logitech for Creators virtual store. Proceeds from the sale of all digital items benefit MusiCares®, a music charity. Founded in 1989 by the Recording Academy, MusiCares acts as a social safety net for musicians.

At this year’s awards ceremony, Logitech and Bretman will honor 10 creators. These artists have been named to the Billboard Song Breaker Charts, a monthly music industry chart created in partnership with Logitech for Creators to shine a spotlight on emerging artists who are making music successful through content creation and changing the traditional music business model into the future.

Winners include “Originators”, i.e. creators who have brought trends, dances and challenges to life, and “Amplifiers”, popular creators* who bring such challenges to a wide audience. . Winners include:

  1. Cost n’ Mayor – “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind, & Fire (Remix). Husband and wife Austin and Marideth Telenko also worked with Logitech to capture all the winners’ choreography and translate them into emotes in Roblox.

  2. David Vu – “Get Into It (Yuh)” by Doja Cat, author

  3. Dreya Mac – “Own Brand Freestyle” by Dreya Mac; author

  4. GAYLE – “abcde-forget-u” from GAYLE; author. GAYLE will receive the Song Breaker of the Year Award. His song had the biggest impact on the Billboard Song Breaker Charts, for three consecutive months.

  5. JuucyJ – “Might Be – Remix” by DJ Luke Nasty; author

  6. JVKE – “This Is What It’s Like To Fall In Love” by JVKE; author

  7. Noah Beck – “Dinero” by Trinidad Cardona; amplifiers

  8. Vano 3000 – “Flee” by VANO 3000; author

  9. Walker Hayes – “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes; author. Hayes was nominated for his first GRAMMY Award this year. During the pandemic, Hayes and her family made TikTok videos for fun, in which they created dances to several songs from her album. Her TikTok video for “Fancy Like” garnered over 2.5 million likes, which made the song a viral hit.

  10. Tracy Joseph – “Love Nwantiti” by C-Kay; author

“This year, we pushed the boundaries and redefined what a creative awards show could look like,” said Meridith Rojas, global head of talent and entertainment at Logitech. “In developing this immersive program at the Metaverse, we were inspired by the online communities that are leading the way to Web 3.0. Such an event is no longer a monologue, but an interactive experience that brings together creatives and their communities to create something new.

“We’re always looking for new ways to deliver unique and immersive experiences to our community,” said Jon Vlassopulos, Roblox Vice President and Global Head of Music. “Logitech is hosting the first-ever music awards show on Roblox, and we’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity on our platform and celebrating creators around the world.”

Tune in to the Song Breaker Awards

The Song Breaker Awards premiere Saturday, April 30 at 7 p.m., with three additional performances on Saturday at 10 p.m. and Sunday, May 1 at 2 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The Pre-Show Experience and Logitech Store opens today in Roblox. Check out the trailer and pre-show experience at roblox.com/songbreakerawards.

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