Limitless: MaaS: Next Earth plans “Metaverse as a Service” from September 2022 | news

• Limitless enters the MaaS sector with Next Earth

• Unlimited capital: $60 million venture fund for Next Earth MaaS

• Next Earth’s MaaS project is expected to launch in September 2022

After Propel MaaS, Lovelace World and Touchcast, the Metaverse developer “Next Earth” now also wants to make the Metaverse more user-friendly – by creating a specially founded company that offers “Metaverse as a Service” (MaaS).

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Limitless Capital and Limitless Network are designed to make it easier for startups to enter Next Earth

According to CoinDesk, the newly founded company by Next Earth consists of the two main pillars Limitless Capital and Limitless Network, Limitless Capital being a $60 million venture capital fund and Limitless Network, a user-friendly API being developed in the months coming. According to CoinDesk, the two pillars should make it easier for startups to use Next Earth.

Next Earth sells virtual land on a replica of Earth

Next Earth itself was founded by Limitless in the summer of 2021. The concept: A virtual replica of the earth has been divided into approximately five trillion NFTs, through the acquisition of which virtual land is purchased. According to Limitless, approximately 237,605 users have registered with Next Earth since the project began in late April 2022, and almost 45,000 people have already purchased “land” worth over eleven million US dollars.

With Next Earth’s new MaaS project, Limitless wants to relieve companies of the work of creating Metaverse equivalents for their products. Instead, as the Extended Reality Platform (XR Today) explains, businesses should be able to take advantage of existing Metaverse infrastructures.

With MaaS, Limitless wants to advance a new level of metaverse

CoinDesk quotes David Taylor, co-CEO of Limitless: “I think most of the metaverse[projekte] just trying to recreate a second life. Instead, we allow an intermediate level for the metaverse. Thanks to our API connections, any company can […] log in to Next Earth.”

With a market capitalization of $741,619,542, Next Earth could be self-financing Limitless Capital. But, according to Taylor, according to CoinDesk: “If we assume that the metaverse is an industry in the making, we must have network effects with the help of a number of investors. [in unserem Ökosystem] allow.” That’s why they prefer to be patient until outside investors cover the fund.

The next Earth MaaS will start in September this year

Next Earth’s MaaS project is set to launch in September 2022. Apparently, there is talk of launching another $200 million NXTT token fund in addition to the $60 million fund, which is intended to support companies interested in Next Earth but without their own NXTT tokens.

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