Kuble launches Metaverse Academy with two courses

To promote understanding of the Metaverse, Kuble launched the Metaverse Academy. In two courses, the Zurich agency wants to impart specialist knowledge on new technology using immersive methods. m&k spoke to initiator Gustavo Salami.

The Kuble agency recognized early on that the Metaverse and Web3 would bring profound changes to the online world. The team therefore organized the first events in 2021 and moved into virtual premises.

Due to the high demand for knowledge that makes it easier to learn and understand new technology, the agency is launching the Metaverse Academy. Experts from different fields pass on their specialized knowledge in the courses and use immersive methods: All participants wear Oculus glasses and they meet for the lessons at noon from 12:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. in the Horizon work room. All courses are completed with an NFT certification.

The “Relationship Economy & Metaverse” course starts on May 3. It consists of four modules and is aimed at people interested in a new era of dialogue marketing. “In a relational economy, relationships, credibility and trust determine the value of offers,” says expert Marion Marxer. “How can we use the metaverse to strengthen our relationships and our credibility? That’s exactly what we show in the metaverse.”

The “Web3 & Metaverse Strategist” course starts on May 30. In six modules, among other things, the creation of an avatar, the functionality of wearables and NFTs or the design and implementation of concrete use cases will be covered. Participants must learn to strategically assess the new environment. From June 27, this course will also be available in English.

The Hall of the Academy in the metaverse. (Image: Kuble)


Gustavo Salami, founder and partner of Zurich-based agency Kuble, talks to m&k’s Anna Kohler about the new Metaverse Academy.

Anna Kohler: Gustavo Salami, as founder and partner of Kuble, you recently founded and designed the Metaverse Academy. How did it start?

Gustavo Salami: Since we bought land on Decetraland in November 2021, we as an agency have immersed ourselves in the subject and tackled it intensively. We realized how different and limited the understanding of the subject is – at the same time the interest is very high. It quickly became clear to us that an academy was needed to transmit the relevant knowledge. We four partners then decided to pursue the idea further. A month later, the academy was open.

You will offer two courses starting in May. Who is the offer for?

Basically, to all people curious and wishing to better understand the metaverse – both privately and professionally. The first two courses are related to the communications industry. However, other courses will soon be added which will also cover other sectors. No prior knowledge is required. But since the classes are conducted with Oculus VR glasses, you should already own or buy the glasses and get your first experience with them as soon as possible.

Participants wear Oculus glasses and find themselves in immersive rooms. How can I imagine this?

We opted for two Metaverse applications. On the one hand Meta work rooms and on the other Spatial. Workrooms are better in terms of avatars and sense of space. Spatial, on the other hand, has better features to utilize the new possibilities of the virtual world. We can imagine that everyone is gathered in a virtual space, can see each other and communicate with each other. Like a classroom, but in the metaverse.

At the end of the modules there is an NFT certificate. Will this be recognized or do I still need a classic version?

Of course, if someone wants or needs a classic version, we can do that too. The aim here is to familiarize the participants with the subject. To receive the NFT, you must have understood some basic Web3 topics.

Is the metaverse a relevant marketing tool of the future – or just a small river in the flow of Marketing measures?

The Metaverse will have an important role in our lives and therefore also in marketing. At the moment hardly any advertisements can be placed, as we are used to. But of course there are many new possibilities with wearables and NFTs for avatars on decentralized platforms thanks to the blockchain. Many classic marketing measures will certainly be replaced by it. Other marketing measures that we already know today will be used in the Metaverse as soon as good coverage can be achieved and certain standards have been established.

How do you see the Metaverse and its impact on the world? Are we all going to end up living as avatars in the metaverse and letting our analog world become waste?

No, on the contrary: the analog world becomes more interesting through the virtual world and vice versa. Of course, it depends on whether the pioneers of the metaverse – that is, companies and agencies, among others – manage to entice and inspire as many people as possible with their use cases.

If you want to play up front, you can’t avoid the Metaverse anymore.

It’s always been true that businesses get in trouble if they miss out on technological changes – not just from the internet. Arriving early gives you an advantage. And you have to make mistakes to learn and grow. Right now, there is still a first-mover advantage in almost every industry.

Where do you see Metaverse Academy in the future? What is the view?

Our vision is to inspire people who want to learn from and with each other. The metaverse is not only a learning object, but also a learning tool. In this regard, we want to be the pioneers of a new type of knowledge transfer and we are open to exchanges with schools and universities in this regard.

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