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Want to work and get paid in Bitcoin? If so, start working here to earn this virtual currency.

It’s no secret that the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has prompted many people to seek bitcoin jobs. Since bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency asset in the world today, almost everyone wants to own bitcoin. Additionally, the number of bitcoin-related jobs has grown rapidly in recent years.

Crypto exchanges like Bitcoin Era not only create jobs by allowing people to trade Bitcoins, but they are also looking for people to work for them. You may be able to click this to register and work as a bitcoin trader. Still, there are plenty of crypto jobs to consider if you want to earn bitcoin. Here are the best jobs to get paid in Bitcoin.

Freelance writing

If you ask most people how they heard or learned about Bitcoin, they’ll tell you they read about it somewhere. Some people hear or learn about this virtual currency and the technology behind it through the news. Ideally, websites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers need people writing about bitcoin if that’s their specialty.

If you enjoy researching and writing about cryptocurrencies, you can create content for these news sources, and some of them will pay you in bitcoins. You have a better chance of getting a job as a freelance writer for a newspaper, magazine, or TV station if you have a professional background in communications, journalism, or related fields.

data scientist job

Blockchain technology is undoubtedly new and misunderstood by some people. Therefore, the crypto industry needs data scientists to explain Bitcoin and the underlying technology to the masses. If you get a job at a bitcoin-based company, your job will include transaction analysis so engineers can streamline processes.

This position requires a data scientist with a degree in computer science or data science. Also, you will need strong analytical and communication skills to research, analyze and communicate trends in the crypto industry.

Financial analyst position

Many people and institutions want to invest in Bitcoin but don’t know how to go about it. Therefore, they turn to financial analysts for advice. Insurance agencies, hedge funds, and retail investors can be your clients when working as a financial analyst in the crypto industry.

Typically, your job is to formulate Bitcoin investment strategies, recommend investments, assess risk, and manage your clients’ investment portfolios. To get a job as a financial analyst, you need a bachelor’s degree and a relevant license from the financial industry regulator.

Marketing Manager

Bitcoin-based businesses want their target markets to know more about this virtual currency. This digital asset will thrive when potential investors and users know more about it. This is why the crypto industry needs marketing managers. These experts assess the demand for the services of bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies. They also monitor trends, identify potential users, and formulate marketing strategies for services and products to maximize market share and profits.

To obtain this position, you must be self-employed and enjoy promoting or launching services and products in the targeted markets. Also, your chances of getting this job increase if you are both left-brained and right-brained. Successful marketers in the crypto industry are analytical and creative. Academically, you need a bachelor’s degree and experience to get this job. A background in marketing, advertising, sales and promotions can increase your chances of getting this job.

Other jobs you can get paid for in Bitcoin are web developers, research analysts, and business development. If you are interested in any of these jobs, you need to keep up to date with the latest developments in the crypto industry. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities that allow you to work and get paid in Bitcoin.

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