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Better data for robust machine learning

When AI recognizes a turtle as a weapon: Incorrect data, whether maliciously manipulated or carelessly created, can mislead machine learning systems badly. A smart data strategy, measures against data poisoning and tools to ensure data quality avoid unpleasant surprises. (Page 44)

professional pen test

Security-conscious companies have their IT infrastructure regularly scanned for possible points of attack. The BSI sets requirements for testing and testers to address technical and legal aspects. There are now products that promise automated pen testing. (page 106)

The darling of DevOps

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools support everyone involved at all stages of software development. You save time, labor and money and ensure better product quality. However, the range of ALM software is vast and confusing. (page 84)

Tutorial: Ceph Storage for Kubernetes

Using Rook, Kubernetes can provide pods with highly available and easy-to-manage Ceph-based object, file, and block storage. The first part of our tutorial shows how to configure Ceph with Rook on the Kubernetes cluster. (Page 126)

iX extra: your own online store

There are many ways to present yourself with an individual and distinctive online store instead of getting lost in the uniformity of the Amazon marketplace – from the complete cloud solution to hosted and open source stores to headless e-commerce. iX provides an overview and selection aid. (Page 113)

  • market + trends

    • 8th
      In times of war, cyber w(h)rity is the first victim
    • ten
      Artificial intelligence
      MAGMA: AI for speech and image recognition
    • 12
      YugabyteDB 2.13 cloud-native database
    • 14
      Parrot OS 5.0 with new security tools
    • 16
      data center
      Fujitsu: Out for mainframes and SPARC
    • 18
      European Commission against Meta and Google
    • 18
      system management
      Time Series Database Mimir: Grafana Labs Forks Cortex
    • 19
      Digitization is driving the switch market
    • 20
      Open source for the automotive industry
    • 22
      New processors and graphics cards for desktop computers
    • 24
      software development
      Microsoft wants to bring type hints to JavaScript
    • 26
      Data Science
      BigLake, Google’s new data platform
    • 28
      Opening of the GovTech campus
    • 29
      Not Responsible Practices of TI Connectors
    • 30
      IT law and data protection
      Privacy Shield 2.0: new rules for data traffic with the United States
    • 32
      IT security
      Russian antivirus protection: the court rejects the urgent request from Kaspersky
    • 34
      Enterprise Software
      ServiceNow wants to automate more
    • 35
      Hybrid Workplace: Shifting Priorities
    • 36
      Things are going better than expected at United Internet
    • 38
      DSAG presents its investment report
    • 40
      IT investments remain on a growth path
    • 42
      iX workshops in May
    • 43
      10 years ago: Can copying be stealing?
  • Title

    • 44
      Better data for robust machine learning
      How Data Strategies Lead to Successful AI Projects
    • 50
      Protection against data poisoning and other AI attacks
    • 54
      Quality Assured ML Workflow with PyDeequ
    • 58
      Version management with data version control
  • Review

    • 62
      Cloud-native databases
      Distributed Database Yugabytes
    • 68
      application development
      Swift Playgrounds 4: App Programming to Go
    • 70
      hybrid clouds
      Azure VMware Services
  • report

    • 75
      Ukrainian War
      Effects on German IT
    • 78
      computer history
      50 years SAP
    • 82
      To the right
      Open Source Compliance Issues
    • 84
      software development
      Comparison of ALM tools
    • 98
      Structures hinder women in IT professions
  • awareness

    • 102
      CIO corner
      Automation of robotic processes
    • 104
      In short: Web3
    • 106
      penetration testing
      BSI requirements for testing and testers
    • 110
      From scan to automated pentest
  • Additional iX Hosting

    • 114
      Hosting of the online store
      Your own online store, from SaaS to self-build
  • Practice

    • 126
      storage container
      Administering Ceph with the Kubernetes Rook Operator, Part 1: Setup
    • 132
      Cross-platform container
      Built-in Docker tool in use
    • 136
      system administration
      Migration from AD to Azure AD
    • 140
      internet of things
      Digital Twins: overview and application of tools in Azure Digital Twins
    • 146
      tools and tips
      Managing large amounts of data in Python
  • media

    • 148
      Document and communicate software architectures
    • 148
      Knowledge Management and Web 3.0
    • 148
      Design Patterns for Machine Learning
    • 150
      book market
      Windows Server 2022
  • rubrics

    • 3
      Editorial: Happy Birthday
    • 6
      letters to the editor
    • 153
      to print
    • 154
      Preview June 2022

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