Italian Serie A broadcasts its first match

Image: AC Milan

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The Italian Serie A broadcasts a football match live on the Metaverse for the first time. What does the football league expect from this project?

The pandemic has set up virtual events: social gatherings or entire trade shows are being held on online or virtual reality platforms. The way we consume live sports may also change in the future. Italian football league Serie A led the way this weekend and, according to their own statements, broadcast their first match in the Metaverse. In this case, the league defines “The Nemesis” browser-based 3D avatar platforms (see below) as the metaverse.

Live sports as the next big thing in the Metaverse?

In his spot on Facebook’s renaming to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg presented many examples of what the Metaverse might look like in the future. Imaginative avatars who meet on virtual reality social platforms, play games together or attend virtual events together.

Virtual live concerts have been around for years. A recent example is Meta’s immersive Foo Fighters concert after this year’s Superbowl. While it failed partly due to technical shortcomings, it still showed a wide audience what immersive events could look like in the future with a bit more attention to detail and better technology. Italian professional league Serie A is now trying its hand at live football.

Boss of Serie A: important technological innovations for football

The match was broadcast between leaders AC Milan and Fiorentina. Two illustrious names and always a prestigious duel in Italy, even if it is not close to the very big duels between the Rossoneri of Milan and Juventus or Internazionale.


The “Rossoneri” around superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović won the first game broadcast in the Metaverse against Florence. | Image: AC Milan

For Luigi Di Siervo, president of Serie A, broadcasting in the Metaverse is an important step: “We decided to be the first to broadcast a football match in the Metaverse because we believe that technological innovation is extremely important for a modern league like Serie A. that’s important. You have to go where the young people will go in the future.

See Series A in the Metaverse for Africa and the Middle East only

However, this first test round was reserved for football fans from Africa and the Middle East. Strategically important areas for Italian football, according to Di Siervo. Generation Z dominates there and is particularly receptive to novelties. The first broadcast marks the start of a long-term collaboration between Series A and blockchain and metaverse platforms ConsenSys and The Nemesis.


During the broadcast, viewers in the Serie A room could play Serie A-related mini-games on The Nemesis, access the league’s social media channels or check live stats. Serie A provided users with a free Keep Racism Out logo t-shirt for their avatars.

What is The Nemesis metaverse platform?

The Nemesis is a blockchain-based metaverse platform from Swiss UNDO Studios. Users can interact in a 360-degree virtual environment, which they explore using VR glasses, smartphones or PCs.

The different worlds on Nemesis are created by users. This should accelerate the growth of Nemesis. Currently, brands, influencers, investors or gamers are the main people in Nemesis worlds. Payment is made there with coins worth 0.01 US dollars.

The Nemesis offers a variety of planets unique in size and texture. On it are the so-called “Lands”, the virtual base worlds of The Nemesis, which can then be edited with a 3D editor. For more details on NFTs, tokens, and coins, see The Nemesis whitepaper.

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