Islands XYZ is developing a community platform for NFT

Web3 is in the starting blocks, is characterized by Metaverse and NFT and offers an almost infinite field of possibilities.

Islands XYZ becomes the new NFT platform

Tiffany Zhong is CEO of Islands XYZ, a startup dedicated since 2019 to helping brands and investors better understand Gen Z.

But in the meantime, the start-up has expanded its portfolio and will set up an economic infrastructure to facilitate the entry of young NFT developers and collectors into this territory.

Islands XYZ is also a bridge, this time not from the older generation to Generation Z, but from Web2 to Web3. The Web3 is creator-centric, influenced by cryptocurrencies, and designed for NFT and other technologies.

The market is still young and developing, according to Zhong in an interview with Forbes. Gone are the days when Tiffany Zhong and her co-founder Nikhil Srinivasan created Islands XYZ and developed their products in a relatively quiet environment.

Now, thanks to financial backing from Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and his venture capital firm, Seven Seven Six, it’s heading into the next round of development with another $3.5 million in the treasury.

And it shouldn’t be so smooth, after all, NFT is a dynamic and promising market with untapped potential. But already today the NFT market has huge sales.

The two founders want to use their previous success and have already hired employees for the new project. In the meantime, the Islands XYZ team has grown to ten people and is still looking for staff.

Zhong and Ohanian became friends while discussing NFT and Web3 use cases on Twitter and released a podcast titled “Probably Nothing” in October.

What is Iceland’s XYZ?

Islands XYZ is a website that introduces newcomers to the world of NFT art and other crypto assets. But there is already a very active community of experienced users there, who are constantly in contact with newcomers to answer all their questions.

These are usually the usual questions about using a wallet, trading assets, or asynchronous communication. Islands XYZ wants to present a true Web3 community platform which does not yet exist in this form. If you are interested, you can join the waiting list.

In an interview with Forbes, Ohanian said the large number of incoming messages via Twitter and Discord was no longer manageable and showed him that action was needed here.

Of course, he brought his knowledge of building such a platform with him from Reddit and was able to give the two founders of Islands XYZ valuable advice.

Prior to Islands XYZ, the two founders worked together at another company, Zebra IQ, a Gen Z consumer feedback service historically used by Snapchat and Levi Strauss, among others. Tiffany Zhong and Nikhil Srinivasan also founded this company together.

How does the Icelandic XYZ work?

Islands XYZ is advertised as a creator community platform or your passport to the metaverse. Interested members should request a username and will then receive an email with an invitation link.

They can then connect to the community platform via the digital address of a wallet. Users can create an individual username and switch between multiple wallets.

Once onboarded, they can trade NFTs directly in XYZ Islands, mine new NFT projects, and share them with the community via Drops.

It is also possible for users to create their own projects, referred to here as “islands”, in the Discord server.

The whole process is as simple as possible, Zhong continues. If you are already on the Discord Island XYZ channel, please read and accept the Community Guidelines.

Some rules may need to be voted on, which is very important to both founders. They want a happy community, with members who can help build the platform.

Where are the obstacles for XYZ Islands?

The idea may be new in this form, but the NFT community already exists and doesn’t need another NFT project.

The industry moves extremely fast, also chaotic, and users don’t want to share and discuss their projects on a multitude of platforms. Instead, they want to offer their digital assets directly on thriving marketplaces such as OpenSea.

XYZ Islands Review

As the whole industry moves towards decentralization and DeFi applications are all the rage, Islands XYZ wants more centralization and aspires to an aggregator role.

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