Inter-metaverse NFT portals sold by Ertha for $60,000

It is now possible to travel between metaverses with Ertha’s Portal NFTs. The game’s enthusiastic community has already spent over $60,000 on these NFTs.

Ertha players can now switch between their home planet and Moon– Go back and forth in an all-new sci-fi inspired metaverse. Metaverse portals are an easy source of passive income. Players must purchase tickets to travel and pay fees to transport goods to their destination. Landowners earn on every payment made. Each portal goes in two directions, so Ertha owners will get an NFT portal into Moon (and the opposite direction) for free!

This new service will also increase the value of the land around each portal. Due to the convenience of transporting players and resources, they will also bring passive income to owners through fees paid by players to travel through portals. Portals will therefore likely have a consistently high volume of activity. Much like the Ertha City NFTs, the Portals are a unique business opportunity to generate income not just locally, but on an interplanetary scale!

Ertha has already sold a virtual version of Rome for $120,000, Tokyo for $59,000, and most of “Sweden” for $50,000.


In Ertha, humanity is on the brink of extinction. World leaders have failed in their latest attempts to save the earth from rapid climate change. In the years that followed, countless natural disasters devastated the planet. Players have the opportunity to correct past mistakes while building a new world from the ground up.

You can mine resources, develop land, rebuild economies, and shape countries and their governments as you see fit. Every player’s actions can have a lasting impact in the ever-changing metaverse.


The world of Ertha is a complex and carefully crafted game space where new governments, economies, and risky alliances can emerge between players. The Metaverse is divided into 350,000 purchasable properties, each of which generates taxes, fees, and other revenue from the transactions that take place there. Players must balance their production, commercial, and financial budgets to stay ahead of the competition.

For those looking for an entry point into the Metaverse and the game to win, Ertha is a unique opportunity.

What is the ERTHA token?

The ERTHA token is crucial for anyone who really wants to enter the Erthaverse! In a game of economic and political intrigue, the token has various uses. For example, you can use the tokens to influence politics, buy land, or develop real estate.

Whatever you decide, your ERTHA tokens will have a real impact on the Erthaverse.

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