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The city and the employment office provide important information online.

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Education of children of Ukrainian refugees

For children of Ukrainian refugees, there is a procedure developed by the municipal administration of Pforzheim and coordinated with the school management and the public school authority of Pforzheim for the schooling of refugee children and young people from Ukraine. Here, an “age-differentiated admission” into the German school system should take place:

  • Children between the ages of 6 and 10 should be offered a place in a primary school. School should be as close to home as possible.
  • Children and young people between the ages of 11 and 15 must be educated in general secondary schools (factory secondary schools, community schools, secondary schools and high schools).
  • Young people from the age of 16 should be admitted to vocational schools.

When it comes to educating children and young people who have fled Ukraine, the emphasis is currently on integrating them into a community and teaching them basic knowledge of the German language in order to orient themselves in the everyday life.

Families of pupils aged 6 to 15 who are looking for a place at the school can contact the central contact point for educational guidance (ZAB) of the Directorate for Education and Sport. The ZAB assumes the role of pilot and, in coordination with the schools, coordinates the allocation of free places or alternative offers for the pupils. The ZAB can be reached by telephone on 07231 39-2420 and by e-mail at [email protected]

On the homepage of the city of Pforzheim ( there is also an online form with a questionnaire for finding a place at school, which can be used to report the need of a place in school. The form asks for basic information that allows the ZAB to search for a suitable school place.

Pupils aged 16 and over who are to receive offers at vocational schools are coordinated by the school administration responsible for vocational schools at the Fritz Erler School (tel. 07231 39-1725, e-mail: [email protected] en ).

If Ukrainian families register directly with a school, the school may also accept students directly, provided there is a place at the school. Personal relationships can play an important role in this regard. Perhaps a child from the host family will visit the respective school and can accompany the student from Ukraine, thus facilitating his arrival.

Offers of support from the Ukrainian Refugee Employment Agency

On the question of whether Ukrainian refugees are allowed to work in Germany, Martina Lehmann, head of the employment office in Nagold-Pforzheim, replies: “Yes, in principle, Ukrainian refugees are allowed to work after be registered with the immigration authorities”.

She adds that humanitarian aid remains the top priority. “The majority of refugees are women and children who are currently mainly looking for a place to survive, ie housing or medical care. As soon as questions such as work and training may arise, we are very happy to provide refugees with advice and mediation and, if necessary, offers of qualification”.

National information service via Internet and hotline

The employment agency collects all important information nationwide at the Internet address\ukraine, now also in Ukrainian and Russian.

The employment office in Nagold-Pforzheim is the first point of contact for those who have found accommodation in the northern Black Forest and are registered with the foreigners’ office. “We have good structures and are ready to give serious and comprehensive advice to those who want and can work and to place them quickly in a job that is as suitable as possible for their training”, says Lehmann. The employment office has special placement experts and an interpreter hotline for this purpose. You can also call the central telephone number 0911 178-7915, establish a first contact with the employment office in Ukrainian or Russian.

Information offer also for employers and unskilled workers

“Some companies in the agency district have already shown interest in wanting to employ refugees from Ukraine,” confirms Lehmann. However, entrepreneurs often do not know how to proceed and where to turn. Even volunteers often have questions. “Companies wishing to report a vacancy for which Ukrainian refugees are also eligible can contact the employment agency’s employer service on the free service number 0800 4555520. They will also receive information there on employment opportunities. financial support that employers can receive to hire them,” explains the head of the agency.

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