Hyundai and Meta Kongz now partners and more news

Hyundai is said to be focusing on the Metaverse as well. Robots are designed to connect the real and virtual worlds to improve mobility.

Hyundai soon in the Metaverse?

Automaker Hyundai announced on April 18 that it will collaborate on the Meta Kongz NFT project. A limited collection of 30 NFTs is to be created, which could be launched in May 2022.

Hyundai created a Twitter account for its NFT-related communications and posted a video showing an animated Meta Kong traversing space on a 1975 Hyundai PONY:

The announcement included a trailer for another NFT Shooting Star, hinting that it could be a ticket to the metaverse and that there could be new NFTs.

Hyundai and DongHyun Kim are working on the concept of metamobility, a vision of robotics as a medium between the real world and the metaverse so that changes made by the user in the metaverse are reflected in reality. It allows people to overcome the physical limitations of movement in time and space. Hundai said:

As the metaverse is expected to become a daily space for people in the future, the company anticipates the possible emergence of a new type of metaverse platform that could eliminate the distinctions of reality and break with the concept of virtual reality as the world knows it today. , solves.

Hyundai has indicated that it will release various NFTs aimed at creating a universe of metamobility. This is to implement the group’s vision of a crypto environment with blockchain technology.

Activision Blizzard User Survey

Online video game developer, publisher and distributor Activision Blizzard recently sent out a survey to players of its popular games, asking them to rate their interest in NFTs and their opinions on games to earn and open metaverse games to share. .

Twitter user @OTadaka shared a screenshot of the poll conducted by YouGov. The goal was to gauge interest in different categories of future gaming trends:

In January, Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard for $69 billion, announcing at the time that the acquisition would provide building blocks for its Metaverse platform. Microsoft CEO and President Satya Nadella added that the game will play a key role in the development of Metaverse platforms.

Health data in the form of NFT

HashCash Consultants and an anonymous British company announced on April 16 a collaboration to develop NFTs containing health data. Companies can now develop new health products and services using NFTs provided by volunteer users. These NFTs can be used to collect health statistics.

In this case, a company uses non-fungible tokens to entice its users to participate in a research study. The company receives payment from the data research company based on the collected data. The money is then distributed to the participants according to the records collected. Raj Chowdhury, owner of HashCash Consultants, said:

When your genetic data is converted to NFT, the information is tagged with an inherent characteristic to allow it to be tracked. This would allow you to monitor where your data is going and track who owns the NFTs and also know if they are being used without permission.

More Metaverse News

Texas and Alabama have issued immediate cease and desist orders against Sand Vegas Casino to end the illegal offering of 11,000 NFTs for investment in the construction of all casino infrastructure based on Metaverse.

As the parent company of The Sandbox, Animoca Brands has added two video game publishers to its repertoire. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton is continuing its Web3 plans with the release of new NFTs as part of its mobile game. The fashion brand has added new levels and rewards to its app, which will randomly reward players with 10 new profile picture type tokens.

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