How MontanaBlack Became Part of an NFT Scam – Streaming

He’s one of the biggest German influencers in gaming – and fell flat with the NFT giveaways. But how did MontanaBlack slip into this?

Diligent observers have already noticed: with MontanaBlack on the account, giveaways for so-called NFTs (non-fungible tokens) had taken over.

Now one of the advertised providers has been exposed to a scam.

VIDEO: Meet MontanaBlack

The streamer apologized to his fans and also deleted various content. But how did MontanaBlack fall into this trap?

Basically, the hype around NFTs is still fairly new and so there isn’t much empirical value among the general public. MontanaBlack himself posted after a major deletion: “I’ll steer clear of NFT freebies for now as you can’t really be sure what a scam is or isn’t.”

And the center of research into his questionable gifts is a supposed partner: Ayroeth. Twitter accounts “FlorianJKL_” and “shinraton” have analyzed it in detail in long threads. He disguises his identity and tries to push the NFT hype with questionable tricks.

At the heart of the Monte and Freund scandal are the undistributed profits of practical campaigns. In response to Discord requests, a winner never received a prize, even though they were listed as the recipient. In addition, the participation guidelines are unusual – compared to classic sweepstakes. For example, participants must first have a cryptocurrency in their possession before they can and will be allowed to participate in any material way.

In this way, advertising was placed for the campaigns for which MontanaBlack offered space with its accounts. The problem: The concept is very opaque. And in the end, Monte trusted a partner who didn’t have a good reputation in NFT circles anyway.

Twitter sleuths also assume that MontanaBlack is now opting out of the affected NFT models – and has handed over its account to an expert. On the OpenSeas platform, where the NFTs are held, he renamed his accounts – or had them renamed. At least that’s what an alleged Twitter Space recording reveals. Moreover, there are clues that the NFTs that belonged to him were sold.

So at least the question remains unanswered as to how the German streaming star could fall for it and end up part of the failed draw scam scandal. It’s clear he’s broached the hot topic and may have stumbled across a non-serious project like ‘Squiggles’ – and still on board: his NFT pal Ayroeth.

Without proper research on the subject, the streamer has seemingly made its wide reach available – in a market that is as confusing as it is uncertain. A fatal mistake that certainly cost the superstar not only his reputation with his fans.

What are NFTs?

Before we explain the term non-fungible token, we need to briefly explain fungible tokens to you. When it comes to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, all tokens are fungible, i.e. exchangeable. It doesn’t matter which token you own – they all have the same value. This is not the case with NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are unique.

NFTs are therefore ideal for things that only exist once or only a few. These are currently digital trading cards, game characters or so-called crypto art. However, identity cards, vaccination certificates or other important documents could also be stored and secured via the blockchain.

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