How are the 2022 census surveys going?

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* From mid-May, more than 30 million people in Germany will be interviewed

* Simple participation possible thanks to the online questionnaire

* Face-to-face interviews are short and non-contact

Surveys for the 2022 census will begin on May 15. Across the country, more than 30 million people will be interviewed for the census. The aim is to relieve people of the burden of participating in surveys as much as possible, to reduce costs and to protect the environment. Easy-to-use online questionnaires are used for most surveys.

Investigators announce themselves in advance in writing

The 2022 census consists of a population census and a census of buildings and dwellings. About 10.3 million randomly selected people in households are interviewed for the census. In addition, all dorm residents are counted. To this end, a short personal survey is carried out by the investigators. The so-called enumerators announce themselves in advance in writing to the selected household. At the appointed time, they present an official survey officer’s ID along with an official photo ID. The personal interview takes about five to ten minutes and can be done at the front door with little contact.

About three quarters of respondents then answer other questions, for example on education and work. It can be done online and takes about 10-15 minutes. You will receive the access data for the online questionnaire after the personal interview.

The management of the establishment informs the people in shared accommodation in an online questionnaire. Residents do not have to answer questions.

Online information for the census of buildings and apartments

Online participation is the norm in the census of buildings and apartments. Around 23 million living space owners in Germany receive a letter with access data from the responsible state statistical office. The letters will be sent out in stages over the next few weeks. Completing the online questionnaire with questions about year of construction, size or rent usually takes less than ten minutes.

Responding to paper questionnaires is an exception

“For people who cannot use the online questionnaire, information can also be obtained via paper questionnaires,” says Katja Wilken, general project manager for the 2022 census at the Federal Statistical Office. “Because we also know that not everyone finds it easy to use an online questionnaire.”

It is regulated by law under the Census Act 2022 that citizens must provide information in surveys associated with the census. Anyone selected for the census is required to participate.

The materials (fact sheet and statement) for the online press conference “How will the surveys work for the 2022 census?” from 5 May 2022, further information on the 2022 census and images for printing are available at You will also find sample questionnaires for the 2022 census surveys.

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