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Apple now annoys users more and more with various smaller and sometimes larger construction sites, but the majority of users want to stay loyal to the platform, this is the result of our survey, which we will take up and also our own point of view on the issue of iOS – Discuss and highlight loyalty to the platform. So welcome to Apple Fun 237.

Today, you have to go a little faster to the essentials and therefore start directly with the subjects of the show.

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chapter marks

  • 00:00:00: Intro and gibberish
  • 00:02:00: Poll: Would you switch to Android?
  • 00:20:30: iPhone 14 leaks: Camera improvements and Lightning 3.0?
  • 00:38:00: Improvements to Apple Maps in Germany
  • 00:49:20: Sponsor: Coinpanion (To Apple Fun Bonus)
  • 00:54:10: iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 Rumors: Rimless Lens and Periscope
  • 01:07:30: Mark Gurman: Prospects for new M chips
  • 01:13:30: Facebook wants 50% of revenue from the metaverse: ridiculous?

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iOS users stay loyal to Apple

To coincide with the launch of a new iOS to Android transition app, we conducted a survey to ask how many of you would be interested in switching to Android in the first place. The results are very clear: most of them do not envisage any change. We briefly review the results, then talk about how we would have voted ourselves and why we did so.

iPhone 14 and 15 Rumors

The iPhone 14 is expected to have an improved front camera and all four models. We talk about it and I’m happy, Lukas doesn’t care about the quality of his selfie camera. However, we both see the benefits of a faster Lightning connection, although it’s unclear if this iPhone 14 rumor is true. By the way, an iPhone 16 with a FullView display, which should arrive in 2024, does not really get us out of our chairs.

Apple Maps with a major update for Germany

We have been talking about Apple Maps for a very long time today, the reason for this is the bigger update for Germany. Here we compare Apple Maps with Google Maps again, look at the progress here and there and find out: London is not Berlin and the UK and USA are not Germany.

Lots of new Macs are coming

Next, we talk about nine new Mac models with M2 chip in different variants. Mark Gurman last reported on this and this year will no doubt be exciting in terms of new Mac models.

The strange black hole of the metaverse

If you go to the Metaverse, you have to be prepared for your earnings to disappear like a black hole. Apple is already said to have insatiable greed, but Meta is even worse – agree with Apple. We find this entrepreneurial approach rather strange.

With that, I can say goodbye to you at this stage and wish you a lot of listening pleasure!

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