Here’s how companies want to take advantage of the Metaverse

The management consultant Accenture has published a report on the Metaverse. Thus, virtual worlds aim to redefine how the real world works. The report explains that companies are heading towards a very different future from the current reality. Technologies such as augmented reality, blockchain, digital twins, and edge computing would converge, reshaping human experiences.

Accenture itself runs its own metaverse called “Nth Floor” where new employees are onboarded and participate in immersive learning. Accenture itself assumes that at least 150,000 new employees will spend their first day in the Metaverse this year.

Paul Daugherty, CTO of Accenture, said: “As the line between people’s physical and digital lives continues to blur, companies now have the opportunity and the duty to build a responsible metaverse – and solve issues such as trust, sustainability, personal security…, privacy, responsible access and use, diversity, etc. The actions and decisions you make today will set the course for the future.

It also says Accenture surveyed 4,600 business and technology executives across 23 industries and 35 countries as part of its report. Currently, 71% of executives believe the Metaverse will have a positive impact on their business. 42% think these changes will be revolutionary or transformative.

Accenture’s Technology Vision 2022 report identifies four key trends that companies should address:

  • WebMe: The Metaverse and Web3 are rethinking the Internet. The metaverse will lead to a persistent 3D environment by making it easier to change locations. 95% of leaders therefore believe that future digital platforms must offer consistent experiences and make customer data accessible on different platforms.

  • New technologies such as 5G, ambient computing, augmented reality and smart materials continue to merge the physical world and the digital environment. According to the report, 92% of executives believe that large companies will push the boundaries of the virtual world to make it more real.

  • In the future, businesses will be supported by AI-generated data. It will be important in the future to recognize what is authentic. Currently, it is still crucial to determine the difference between true and false. 96% of executives say their companies are required to verify the origin of their data and the authenticity of the use of AI.

  • Compute the impossible: Innovations like quantum computing can help companies solve problems that are virtually unsolvable today. 94% of executives believe that long-term success depends on whether or not a company uses new technologies to effectively solve difficult problems.

  • Individual companies are already trying to establish themselves in the metaverse. Together with chocolate bar maker Mars, Microsoft and Accenture are using so-called digital twins, a concept aimed at reducing waste. Simulations are carried out that take into account climate fluctuations and other disturbances and can thus create transparency.

Microsoft also dared to take another look at the crystal ball. The Windows manufacturer recently published a report on the Work Trend Index 2022. Thus, hybrid work has finally arrived in Switzerland. Here are the main findings of the report.

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