Gloomins NFT: Want to know how a start-up works?

In the first part, we told you who the brains behind Gloomin’s NFT are and what the ambitions of the project are. Today we give an exclusive insight into the inner workings of a start-up!

“We are making great strides. In fact, even in an international environment. There are options for some partnerships, also with NFT projects.

David, co-founder of Gloomins, surprises with excellent news: the project is working perfectly. As the community continues to grow on Discord, Twitter and Instagram, there are already early international requests for collaboration. David also has a lot to say about the DAO. Before that, however, we want to show you what day-to-day work in a start-up looks like.

“Such an NFT project can actually be considered a start-up in its own right. Discipline is also the most important thing for us,” says David. Like so many new founders, he also works full-time for a company alongside the project. Most of the planning is therefore done on weekends, because everything must be orderly and not chaotic. After having prepared his work on the weekend, there are still spontaneous errands for the weekdays. For example, an interview with us, responses to partner inquiries or publications.

Although David and his co-founder agreed on principles at the start of the project, adjustments need to be made over time. But starting with a foundation is still very important, he says. Questions about general direction or funding should be clarified in advance, otherwise things can quickly get chaotic.

Questions like:

  • How can we achieve a higher level of interaction with the community?
  • How do we share the work?
  • What posts should be uploaded to social media?

are to be defined in advance and must be permanently validated.

“However, there are sometimes days when nothing works anymore. Then you let it go and continue the next day. It’s like that.”

We get you, David – sometimes we feel the same.

Web 3.0 collaborations are on the rise – Gloomins strengthens its partnerships

Over the past few weeks, the website has seen a rapid increase in views. Similarly, followers on Twitter and Instagram exploded in just a few days. David is very pleased with the high interaction rate. He says with euphoria:A music label contacted us for a collaboration. We are currently evaluating what the partnership might look like. I’m sure the Gloomins need really dark music to embody their dark nature.”

“We even have a request from a bar in Texas, USA. They just thought Gloomins was cool and now they want to work with us.

However, it is important for Gloomins to learn from other projects. When communities come together and combine their knowledge, all partners can benefit.

“Whoever does the most in our community will be rewarded accordingly. Our community should really be at the heart of our project.

According to David, the community should also know that the founders are still here for the project. As a person, he stands behind the project with his real full name and does not hide behind pseudonyms. But please no spam, otherwise we will be responsible for it……

Gloomins plans a new DAO concept

Since it is unfortunately still extremely difficult to find a suitable legal form for a DAO in Germany, Gloomins came up with a new approach. Initially, Gloomins NFT will donate to a community wallet. After that, all users in possession of an NFT will have the opportunity to vote. Going forward, the community will make all decisions about the project in a multisig process. Multisig means a process of managing a portfolio with several people. For example, to carry out a transaction, it requires the approval of a certain majority of users.

“Only in this way can we achieve the highest level of decentralization for our NFT project and ensure that the community has decision-making power.”

This path is also legally the most optimal. Unfortunately, in Germany and most other countries around the world, there is no way to register a DAO as a legal form. Only the forms remain for projects, such as the association or a GmbH. So legal forms that already exist. Again, this does not correspond to the meaning of a DAO. This should in fact be independent of factors such as the place of residence of the members (association).

“It is incredibly complex to legally set up a DAO in Europe. I hope there will be solutions in the future.”

Of course, we hope so too! This step would help many DAOs in terms of development. We wish David and his team all the best for Gloomins. You can track Gloomins on Twitter, Discord, TikTok or Telegram using the links below:

Twitter – Instagram – Discord – TikTok


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