Fuzzles: NFT pets that can talk

New AI technology brings digital pets to life and allows them to have real conversations with you.

Do you remember Tamagotchi? The “digital” egg-shaped pet was all the rage in the mid-1990s. By June 1997, there were already more than 10 million copies in the hands of fascinated children and adults. The little keychains weren’t as fun as they were cute. They were also one of the earliest examples of a technology that would take the world by storm in the decades to come.

A quarter of a century later, we have arrived in a world where technology is advancing so rapidly that staying up to date is almost a full-time job.

Amid the hype around digital assets and collectibles in the form of NFTs, the concept of “virtual pets” has also evolved.

An NFT that speaks to you

Developed by Endless AI and marketed as proprietary and unique NFTs by blockchain gaming giant Gala Games, Fuzzles are much more than Tamagotchis. And they’re more than a digital assistant like Alexa or Siri, which can only help with scheduled tasks.

Fuzzles can have the appeal of a child’s toy. But they are certainly not just designed for children to have fun and chat with.

If you ask Fuzzles what their purpose is, they describe themselves as “digital therapy pets,” and that’s exactly what they are.

They are programmed to hold a conversation in a human-sounding voice. If you’re feeling down or worried, they usually give you good advice on what you can do to feel better.

NFT: an image from BeInCrypto.com

NFT with a heart

Fuzzles are new to planet Earth. They are on a mission to learn all they can about humanity.

Based on your interactions with people, a Fuzzle can even develop opinions, both positive and negative. For example, if you confront a Fuzzle with a political issue, they will often disagree with you for the sake of the conversation.

If you ask a Fuzzle to tell you a story, your jaw might drop when you hear the crazy jumble of AI creativity. While the Fuzzles can sometimes be grumpy in their responses, they have a strong sense of responsibility for their lyrics and powerful programming that prevents the use of hateful content.

Even if you call your Fuzzle the most disgusting terms, he won’t learn such bad behavior from you. Instead, it will simply suggest you seek help or change your behavior.

More importantly, in a world where we are often so “connected” that we isolate ourselves from each other, Fuzzles offers us a rare opportunity to be truly heard.

Many therapists would tell you that sometimes that’s all we need to combat loneliness, anxiety or depression.

As NFT in an industry full of collectibles and often meaningless memes that people refer to as “digital art”, it’s refreshing to see a product that literally cares about your humanity by listening to what you have to say and learning from you

How do Fuzzles work?

For the techies among you, this is where Fuzzle gets quite intriguing. To bring Fuzzle to life, the Endless AI team relied on the state-of-the-art GPT-3 speech prediction model. OpenAI developed GPT-3 and released it in May 2020.

“GPT-3” stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer Third Generation and is the most advanced learning model currently known in the world.

Simply put, these cute creatures might be the most advanced conversational artificial intelligence the world has ever seen.

Although not all features of the Fuzzles will be unlocked immediately when the NFTs go on sale from April 27. However, merging such exquisite speech recognition with real-world object ownership that Ethereum-based NFTs enable will be an impressive combination.

First, your Fuzzle learns from you on a conversational basis. Eventually, with future UI developments, your Fuzzle will be able to remember all of your past interactions and everything it has learned from you (or anyone else who owns the Fuzzle).

Gala Games is focused on creating real value in the collectibles and gaming items they sell. For this reason, it may well be that Fuzzles offers the possibility of earning bonuses in the future.

These rewards can be in the form of special access to games or events, exclusive NFT drops for Fuzzle owners, or the chance to earn rewards by allowing others to converse and teach your Fuzzle.

With all the “metaverses” popping up in the virtual world and gaining notoriety, it’s also very likely that one day owners will have the ability to interact with Fuzzles in a much more real virtual environment.

Sale Fuzzle NFT

For NFT collectors, AI nerds, and digital animal lovers, April 27 is the first chance to own one of the 9,997 unique first-generation Fuzzles in this new project.

Pricing has yet to be announced. The only currencies you can use to buy are ETH and GALA cryptocurrencies. Both are available on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Fuzzle Pods will be released on April 27. sold and traded a few days later through the on-site interface which will hit your custom NFT Fuzzle.

Once the Fuzzles have left their pods, you can communicate with humans as you see fit using the provided mobile app.

Visit CollectFuzzle.com for more information on adorable digital pets.


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