Football NFTs: What opportunities does being a fan offer in the Metaverse?

Football! It is undoubtedly the number 1 popular sport in this country, but football clubs are also increasingly at the forefront of the digital transition or even already relying on the crypto space. Here, it is the non-fungible tokens in particular that are considered to have great opportunities. Because football clubs are opening up new sources of income, at the same time fans have the opportunity to participate more in their beloved club and even earn money. But does being a fan in the Metaverse really provide opportunities, or are football clubs ruthlessly exploiting the hype around NFTs to raise even more money? This is what the following post is about.

What are Football NFTs?

But what are football NFTs? The non-fungible token is a phenomenon that originated in the field of cryptocurrencies. These are not interchangeable and therefore unique in themselves. Football clubs are increasingly using non-fungible tokens to allow fans to participate more or sell digital images of stars for profit. In addition to individual company NFTs, there will also be Bundesliga stickers and trading cards as NFTs in the future. Apparently the era of Panini collectibles is a thing of the past, NFTs could be the future.

Football Club brings Eintracht Frankfurt into the Metaverse – just the start?

The Football Club is a forerunner in the metaverse surrounding the football industry. Because the German start-up has combined football with non-fungible tokens. Here, fans can create custom avatars, collect NFT jerseys, and also create their own teams. The Football Club announced a cooperation with Eintracht Frankfurt in mid-March. In the medium term, they want to set up a digital ecosystem around popular sport. Eintracht Frankfurt NFT shirts are completely sold out. Now the next clubs follow.

Bundesliga announce NFT package

When it comes to generating new revenue streams, the German Football League is always at the forefront. It therefore does not seem surprising that the DFL has also considered licensing fees for non-fungible tokens. Interested companies can now request a new NFT package including stickers and trading cards for the Bundesliga. In the future, the winner of the tender could offer physical and digital products for the first and second Bundesliga in Germany. The tender should be finalized in the second quarter of 2022. With the NFTs, the DFL wants to open up a new target group. At the same time, so-called “Moments” NFTs can be used and collected in fantasy football in the future.

What opportunities do football NFTs provide for fans?

But should football fans really buy NFTs? The answer is clear: Yes! Because football NFTs offer both advantages and disadvantages for fans. On the one hand, the NFT market is attractive. In the past, football NFTs sold for exorbitant sums. Buying the right NFTs can perform better and pay off big. On the other hand, the DFL apparently wants to cash in on the NFT boom. There is a real danger that fans will again be asked to pay without any discernible added value. Going forward, the wheat will also be separated from the chaff in football NFTs. However, it can’t hurt to keep an eye out for further developments regarding DFL, football and non-fungible tokens.

Additionally, emotions can be visualized in the digital world. Now fans can also express their connection to their favorite clubs in the Metaverse. At the same time, some jerseys have real utility. For example, there are the Football Club SGE shirts with features such as a ticket to the stadium or the VIP lounge.

Exciting NFT alternative: Take part in the online lottery with Lucky Block NFTs!

But is the true utility of football kits really ultimate in 2022? This can legitimately be doubted. Because in Germany, the triumph of NFTs in sports is yet to come. Lucky Block NFTs could be an interesting alternative with real benefits.

After all, the coveted Lucky Block NFTs are the premier collection of the crypto lottery of the same name. These are also a ticket for the online lottery. Lucky Block has a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning due to the limited number. So, if you buy a non-fungible token of the record breaking cryptocurrency, you can soon earn money daily, participate in a Lamborghini raffle and also reap a million US dollars in profits.

NFT Lucky Block: Can the value really explode above $100,000?

Bullish forecast expects $100,000 NFT Lucky Block. But where does this estimate come from? The Lucky Block token rose to $0.01 after being listed on PancakeSwap. This made Lucky Block the fastest growing cryptocurrency in history, reaching a market capitalization of one billion in just three weeks.

Anyone who bought the Lucky Block Coin during the presale had a performance of over 6000% in the meantime. If the value of NFTs were to move in a similar fashion, prices in the six-figure range could be paid. The real benefit of Lucky Block NFTs, the growing community, and the hype potential of a crypto lottery make a price hike likely in the medium term. Admittedly, a value above 100,000 USD is still a long way off. Nevertheless, most NFT fans would have to settle for a fraction of the performance in order to get a lucrative return via NFT investing.

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