Ethereum Price Prediction: Despite a Bullish ETH Prediction, This Cryptocurrency Could Explode Much More!

The first three months of 2022 are over. Now doesn’t seem like a bad time to take a look at the forecasts for the rest of the year. Which cryptos can still explode in 2022 and bring investors above-average returns? Currently, many crypto fans are focusing on the Ethereum blockchain. Because the long-awaited ETH 2.0 update should be completed this year. Many experts see huge upside potential for Ether. But despite bullish price predictions, another cryptocurrency could clearly outperform Ethereum in 2022!

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The Ethereum price: This is how Ether is currently developing

After a correction of around 6% in the past seven days, Ethereum price is currently hovering around the $3,000 mark. More recently, the price of Ether repeatedly fell below $3,000, but was able to retake the psychologically important limit. In the medium term, this price region should now be decisive for further development. The 200 moving average, which is important for long-term investors, is currently trading well above the price of ETH. If the 3000 mark is sustainably breached, further lows at $2800 or $2500 could be within reach.

Historic Moment: First PoS Test on Mainnet

In a so-called shadow fork, Ethereum tested the new proof-of-stake mechanism in a practical way for the first time. Under real-world conditions, the developers were able to verify what Proof of Stake looks like in the mainnet. With an average transaction time of 13.8 seconds, the testnet recorded over 1.8 million transactions. Ethereum is currently in an important phase, the “Kiln” testnet. Then the beacon chain must be merged with the mainnet in a timely manner. The faster, greener and cheaper construction of the Ethereum blockchain opens up future potential.

Bloomberg sees Ether price doubling

Jamie Douglas Coutts is a senior market structure analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence focusing on the digital currency market. More recently, Coutts was bullish on Ethereum’s continued price performance. There could already be a significant price increase in the coming weeks.

Due to the upcoming upgrade with the beacon chain implementation, more potential applications will be realized. Coutts points out that Ethereum is increasingly becoming a crossover asset. Based on a discounted cash flow calculation, one ether would currently have a fair value of $6128, which translates to more than 100% upside potential.

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Bitmex founder predicts $10,000 in 2022

As the founder and former CEO of Bitmex, Arthur Hayes undoubtedly has quite a reputation in the crypto arena. Recently, Hayes was overwhelmingly positive about Ethereum. The second most valuable cryptocurrency is his favorite, ahead of Bitcoin. According to his forecast, the price of ether is expected to reach over US$10,000 by the end of 2022. In the short term, however, further corrections seem possible, as cryptocurrencies and the stock market are still strongly correlated. .

Ethereum Price Predictions: Keep an Eye on the Risks!

Basically, everything is currently going according to plan at Ethereum. Nevertheless, investors should keep an eye on fundamental developments. After all, there have always been long delays in the past. This time everything should be different, but further delays are not excluded. At the same time, there is a risk of errors in merging the networks, which will have a negative impact on the price. Investors continue to hope for lower fees at Ethereum. Gas charges are likely to drop significantly after sharing. However, the concrete effects are difficult to predict.

Should you buy Ethereum now?

Ethereum remains an exciting choice for 2022. In addition to the established position in the market, there are currently signs of a revaluation of ether. The fundamental move to Ethereum 2.0 should strengthen market power and make Ethereum the vehicle of choice for most developers. As a staple investment with potentially above-market returns, Ethereum continues to be an exciting choice in the eclectic crypto space.

This cryptocurrency could increase significantly more in 2022!

Still, there are other cryptocurrencies that could explode above the average in 2022. However, since investing is always a trade-off between risk and reward, investors need to take a little more risk to beat forecasts. bullish Ethereum prices. New cryptocurrencies offer the opportunity to participate in a growing crypto project at an early stage. The new Lucky Block cryptocurrency, which was only launched in early 2022, could rise much more than Ethereum this year.

Luckyblock NFT Blockchain Lottery

Upside potential of more than 300% in 2022!

LBLOCK price exploded in a breathtaking price rally after listing on PancakeSwap. In just three weeks, the market capitalization reached over US$1 billion. Lucky Block has become the fastest growing cryptocurrency in history. Investors who have already bought the LBLOCK coins during the presale have meanwhile recorded a performance of more than 6000%.

After a massive corrective move, Lucky Block is currently trading at around $0.020, around 80% below the all-time high. This alone translates to more than 300% upside potential if the all-time high is expected to be reached yet this year.

That’s why a new Lucky Block hype might be waiting!

Finally, there are signs that a new Lucky Block hype could propel the LBLOCK coin to new all-time highs as early as 2022. Because the vision behind Lucky Block is disruptive. With increasing decentralization thanks to cryptos, online lotteries are also likely to be different in the future compared to today. Building a global crypto lottery is exciting in terms of transparent blockchain technology.

Lucky Block developers are currently working on the web application and the launch of the iOS version. The first draw is still a long time away. Here, managers attach great importance to the best user experience and maximum security without falling into time pressure. Although this may be annoying for some crypto holders, it is the way to go in the medium to long term. When the applications finally go live in the final version in the next few weeks and the first lottery draw takes place via Lucky Block, the momentum for LBLOCK may change. A growing interest in the crypto lottery would then also lead to an increase in LBLOCK prices.

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