Elections in the Land of Rhein-Berg: Lemmer wants to improve civil protection

State election 2022 in the Rheinisch-Bergisch II district
One objective: to improve civil protection

Sebastian Lemmer is running as an SPD candidate for a seat in the Düsseldorf state parliament. The 40-year-old lives in Leichlingen.

Seven candidates from the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis II constituency are standing for a seat in the parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia in the May 15 elections. The Rheinische Post asked her about her political ambitions and goals. The Leichlinger Sebastian Lemmer performs for the SPD.

Why do you want to enter the state parliament?

Lemmer I want to change something. Talking about it is not enough for me. I want to be able to offer municipalities significant state support. Help where the shoe pinches, and for all of us for fair politics. I want to work for the economy, for people, for climate protection.

What are your political priorities?

Lemmer I focus on the topics of school, education and social affairs, climate protection and building land management.

How would you like to promote your key issues in the state parliament?

Lemmer You can move these issues forward by talking to people and convincing them that now is the time to act. Citizens, politicians and businesses: many things are possible together. And now is the time to tackle it and do it differently than in recent years.

What do you want to achieve for the neighborhood?

Lemmer It is important to me that the Rheinisch-Bergisch district improves climate protection and disaster prevention, as well as the ecological transformation of transport. Moreover, it is important to implement educational equity for all.

What do you think of compulsory vaccination, have you been vaccinated or boosted? How do you see the current
Corona reigns in North Rhine-Westphalia?

Lemmer I think the introduction of compulsory vaccination is the right way to go. I myself am triple vaccinated. We can end the pandemic for Germany for the first time with compulsory vaccination. Vaccination remains the way out of the pandemic. Corona and the possible long-term consequences of an illness are always dangerous. I just hope that the vaccination rate will increase. It is still important to avoid another pandemic winter and a new overload of the health system.

I think we have to remember to act responsibly. Rules or not: if I want to protect myself and others with a mask, then I do it, it’s also freedom.

How can cities and municipalities in the district adapt even better to refugees from Ukraine, what support do you expect from the state?

Lemmer When I see people attacking and helping quickly, it’s really a good thing. The state could support the municipalities in the administration with staff, and it would also be important to create housing. In my opinion, we do not have the right to transform gymnasiums into housing, we need outdoor housing. We also currently have to be very careful not to create a two-class society for refugees. And not all municipalities can accommodate the same number of people with a fixed key, the state must also be aware of this.

Which climate protection measures should be given priority in the municipalities of Bergisch over the next five years?

Lemmer Green electricity is the energy of the future: geothermal energy, sun and wind are currently the key to success here. In addition, traffic concepts should be created for all citizens: it is unacceptable that people who depend on the car are financially penalized for this. But you have to create incentives for the use of bicycles, trains and buses. It is also important to buy and promote regional products.

On which issues should the state support the municipalities of Bergisch as a priority in the coming years?

Lemmer With infrastructure (affordable owned and rented accommodation), with traffic rotation and with climate and disaster protection.

What should have changed for the better after five years in the district?

Lemmer Educational justice is implemented by new buildings or renovations of schools and nurseries, modern digitalization and by sufficient and well-trained teachers who are paid uniformly in all schools with sufficient social workers and special educators in schools. We have more well-trained educators who are paid attractively. We have nurses who find a better staff ratio for their work. Climate protection is finally being put into practice and climate resilience in municipalities is no longer a foreign word. Affordable living space with an ecological circulation concept.

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