Early retirement with Bitcoin – Blogger wants to reach 1 million euros in BTC

Anyone who wants to buy Bitcoin usually has a specific reason for doing so, whether it’s for inflation protection, financial independence, or simply dreaming of a Lamborghini.

Crypto blogger “Mr. ERB” wants to make sure he can retire early with his investments in Bitcoin (BTC). ERB keeps a detailed account of his journey towards his goal on his blog. The ambitious crypto investor has now told Cointelegraph what his plan looks like and how it came about.

The blogger first revealed to Cointelegraph that he “first heard of Bitcoin in the summer of 2017” when one of his co-workers brought up the decentralized cryptocurrency.

At that time, the Bitcoin price was “still at 2,000 euros, so I thought it was too late to invest.”

A deja vu for most Bitcoin investors. But a little later, ERB came across a podcast in which crypto expert Trace Mayer predicted at the time that the market-leading cryptocurrency would soar to $1 million in the future.

The desire for financial independence and early retirement, coupled with a new passion for Bitcoin, quickly changed the blogger’s mind:

It was then clear to me that it was not too late, but in fact quite early. I recognized Bitcoin as an early retirement opportunity and then bought my first coins in October 2017.”

For ERB bloggers, bitcoins are more important than dollars. Source: Bitcoin Early Retirement

From there, ERB then developed a real retirement savings plan in bitcoins, which has an ambitious goal of 1,000,000 euros with constant payments of 500 euros per month. After the first “deposits” in 2017, the blogger is doing “obviously rather well” five years later. To this end, he states:

Bitcoin price (green), ERB Bitcoin savings in euros (orange) and past investments (dotted line). Source: Bitcoin Early Retirement

“I don’t think I would have had similar gains with another strategy. Apart from the fact that the Bitcoin strategy is super simple and does not require much management. You buy, you save, then you buy more.

In his blog, ERB shows that his previous return on investment (ROI) is an impressive 450%. During the same period, the important S&P 500 stock index gained only 44%. “It’s 10 times and it will be 100 times at some point,” as the crypto fan enthusiastically predicted.

The confident saver sees Bitcoin’s true value not only in the ever-increasing prices, but also in an altered worldview that the revolutionary cryptocurrency brings with it:

“Before Bitcoin, my view of the world was quite narrow-minded. My life plan was something like this: school, work, retirement, death. Today, I think about it very differently. My goal now is more of a kind of independent entrepreneurship and personal independence.

Finally, ERB shares four helpful tips with Cointelegraph that it has learned from its own investing experience. At the same time, he emphasizes that this is not investment advice:

  1. “Earn fiat money, buy bitcoin.” And don’t expect to get rich quick because “it won’t work out anyway”.

  2. You have to “take five years” to really understand Bitcoin. Listen to the good podcasts, read the good books to really understand if “investing in bitcoin was a good idea”.

  3. “You have to resist the temptation to try to teach others”, especially at the beginning of the bitcoin adventure, because, especially at the beginning, “you can destroy some contacts with it”.

  4. Saving iron (HODL). When Bitcoin price crashed to just US$3,600 in March 2020, it also “felt really bad” for the ERB. In retrospect, however, it was “the best buying opportunity ever” for the blogger.

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