Dubai: Coinsfera now offers real estate for crypto

Coinsfera brings bitcoin to properties in Dubai. It is the first company to allow customers to purchase a physical asset using digital currency.

Desired real estate location Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important centers when it comes to real estate. There is a wide range of stunning properties here, such as commercial and residential buildings, apartments of varying sizes and prices, and hotels. These properties are luxurious and comfortable to meet people’s needs.

As the cryptocurrency revolution continues, more online businesses are using cryptocurrencies as payment for a wide range of consumer goods.

This is also the case for real estate, as Coinsfera allows clients to invest in real estate in Dubai with Bitcoin.

First company to offer real estate purchases via crypto

Even when most cities were closed, Dubai welcomed anyone who wanted to come and enjoy their trip worry-free. During the crypto boom during COVID-19, Coinsfera could not accept Bitcoin as a payment method for real estate payments in Dubai.

But Coinsfera is now the first company to offer the conversion of cryptos into owner-occupied real estate. These services are also available for commercial properties.

Great choice in Dubai, also with crypto investments

Coinsfera is a platform based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that allows customers to pay with cryptocurrencies and buy luxury apartments in Dubai.

Customers have many options to reside in the city and earn cryptocurrency by partnering with Coinsfera.

Coinsfera’s team of experts and professionals makes the process as smooth as possible by finding a wide range of apartments for its creditworthy clients. Additionally, the team also recognizes experience in exchanging virtual currencies.

Buy luxury villas with Bitcoin

Coinsfera has an extensive network of villas in Dubai with the best amenities and facilities. Conveniently located and easily accessible, Coinsfera offers the best luxury villas in Dubai.

This service is offered by Coinsfera. You can contact them to arrange a variety of services including: property sales and rentals, investment opportunities and mortgage services. The company is located downtown.

Who or what is Coinsfera?

Coinsfera is the first over-the-counter cryptocurrency exchange that combines cutting-edge technology with a smooth user experience. It allows private users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in an environment that protects their privacy, offers advice tailored to their needs, and complies with regulatory requirements.

And since this is not your average online crypto exchange, the range of services is second to none. It is also home to Coinsfera Academy, the leading cryptocurrency consultancy for startups.

Coinsfera is not just another cryptocurrency exchange, it is a full-service platform that also helps clients buy property in Dubai.

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