Disney enters the NFT sector and seeks NFT managers

The American entertainment company Disney enters the NFT sector and discovers the Metaverse for itself. Disney is currently advertising four NFT-related positions. On top of that, Disney is looking for an NFT manager.

Disney is looking for an NFT market manager

On January 30, Disney posted a job posting. The title of “business development manager” seems at first sight not very suspicious. However, a closer look at the ad reveals a plan.

You will help support Disney’s efforts in the NFT space, including market observation, strategic planning, and business partner mentoring.

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger agrees with the company’s latest development. In an interview with The New York Times, he revealed more details.

Not everything has to be physical these days. As long as meaning emerges from the blockchain, things created, traded, and collected as NFTs will continue to explode.

Iger was an avowed believer in the idea of ​​Web3 and the Metaverse. In his opinion, there is a lot of potential for Disney there. In this regard, license agreements are currently in preparation.

However, Iger didn’t just express words of approval. For example, he complained about users creating NFTs when they didn’t own their content.

Iger resigned as CEO in February 2020. He has also not been a member of the Supervisory Board since the end of 2021.

However, his successor, Bob Chapek, seems to have a similar take on things. Under his leadership, Disney should soon find its footing in the NFT industry.

Four new NFT positions at Disney

If you take a closer look at Disney job postings, you’ll notice that there isn’t just one NFT-related executive position. There are even four locations in total, all of which have a connection to the blockchain world.

Disney job listings related to NFTs

In addition to the director position, there are two vacancies in the field of marketing. ESPN also offers an internship. So we can see that Disney, as a parent company, is also aligning its brands for the new market.

In addition to ESPN, Disney Music and Hulu are also owned by the business conglomerate. They are always looking for employees in the field of marketing. These positions have been open since the end of 2021.

Disney offers the first NFTs for sale

The NFT Market VeVe announced on January 27 that an NFT collection of Disney characters is already available for sale starting January 29. The collection is called “Mickey and Friends”.

Various legendary characters from the Mickey Mouse series have been transformed into digital works of art. In addition to the main character, his wife Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and his owner Goofy are also offered. NFTs are available in different quantities. Goofy is the rarest with 4,444 coins. Micky is the most frequently in stock with 13,928 pieces. The starting price was $40.

NFT Golden Moment Golden Statue of Walt Dinsey and Mickey Mouse
This is what the Golden Moments NFT looks like

In fact, this isn’t the first NFT collection Disney is releasing. Disney previously sold the Golden Moments collection in conjunction with Veve. Disney’s NFTs are now proving to be a good investment. At least if you could buy them at the starting price.

One of the Golden Moments Collection NFTs has now reached a value of US$47,000. The collection contains a single work of art, which has been exhibited 4,333 times. The starting price was $333.

Early buyers of the NFT could not only look forward to future profits, but also received a twelve-month subscription to Disney+ as a gift.

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