Details of the NRW-CDU election program

More teachers, more policemen, more wind turbines
These are the details of the NRW-CDU election program

On Saturday, the last of the major parties presented its program for the NRW regional elections. The CDU wants to start with homeland security and education in particular. We have summarized the details for you.

In the 109-page program entitled “Do what matters!”, the NRW-CDU emphasizes internal security and education. The war of Russian aggression in Ukraine also has an impact. According to the preamble, the Russian invasion marks a “historic turning point”. “This is an attack on the European order of peace, on freedom and democracy.”

Details of the electoral program:

Internal Security: Each year, 3,000 new police officers must be hired instead of the previous 2,500. Clan members should be able to have their driver’s license and car revoked. The police must be equipped with body cameras and electric shocks (tasers). Internet crime must be fought by “cybercops”. The CDU also wants to introduce online searches – i.e. to secretly investigate the data of suspects.

training: The Christian Democrats want to introduce a third year of free care and hire 10,000 additional teachers in the new legislature. Every school child should get a digital device for the lesson. In the trades, the CDU wants to promote the training of masters with a “master bonus” of 3000 euros. The CDU also wants to introduce a quota for women in public companies and create 100 new chairs in artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

    The 30 main words used in the CDU election platform.  The more a word is represented, the more frequently it has been used.

The 30 main words used in the CDU election platform. The more a word is represented, the more frequently it has been used.
Photo: Christian Albustin

Environment and climate: The party is sticking to an earlier phase-out of coal by 2030, despite the desired rapid independence from Russian energy supplies. “Pragmatism” is also required for reserve capacities in NRW, Wüst said. “We must not compromise on the goal of phasing out coal by 2030.” However, this requires greater speed in the expansion of hydrogen and liquid gas infrastructure .

Renewable energy: For faster expansion of renewable energy, people’s acceptance of wind and photovoltaic energy must also be increased, Wüst said. He spoke out in favor of better framework conditions for the direct financial participation of the inhabitants in wind turbines and for the tax exemption of private photovoltaic systems.

The CDU also sticks to the goal of climate neutrality for NRW by 2045. By 2030, the installed capacity of wind power will be doubled and that of photovoltaics quadrupled. With a “tree control program”, more than one million trees are to be replanted in cities and communities.

Traffic: Every municipality with 20,000 or more inhabitants should have a rail or express bus connection in local public transport. In addition, a senior ticket of 100 kilometers at 30 euros per month will be set up. The CDU also wants to build at least 1,000 kilometers of new cycle paths in the next five years.

Care: Nursing staff must be attracted to NRW with a one-time welcome payment of up to 3,000 euros. The objective is to attract up to 10,000 new nurses per year. The country’s cultural budget must be gradually increased by 50%.


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