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In cooperation with Kurant, MediaMarkt sets up Bitcoin machines in twelve branches in Austria
Stationary buying is designed to make buying cryptocurrencies easier, more understandable and safer
Plans for installing Bitcoin ATMs in Germany not yet known

Twelve MediaMarkt branches will receive Bitcoin machines

The craze for crypto-currencies is currently great. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are on everyone’s lips and are seen by many as future means of payment and assets. In order to follow this trend and enable its customers to make purchases, MediaMarkt, in cooperation with the Kurant company, has decided to install so-called Bitcoin machines in some Austrian branches. Kurant is an Austrian company that considers itself the market leader in the operation of Bitcoin ATMs in Europe. The first bitcoin ATM was installed in a MediaMarkt store in 2019. “The bitcoin machine in Wien Mitte was the first step to test the concept – successfully. Since customer frequency and interest is very high , eleven more machines have now been installed at MediaMarkt to provide customers across the country with this service to offer,” says Richard Zweimller, Sales Manager at MediaMarkt Austria, in a Kurant press release. The twelve branches would be branches located at SCS-Nordring locations in Vsendorf, Shopping City Seiersberg, Salzburg Europastrae, Innsbruck Ost, Klagenfurt Ost, Wiener Neustadt, St. Plten, Pasching Plus City and four markets in Vienna (Wien Mitte, Gerngross, Millennium City and Floridsdorf).

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Configured bitcoin machines should work similarly to ATMs. However, a corresponding wallet on the smartphone is required to “withdraw” cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies purchased from the machine are credited there once the transaction is complete. Contrary to what the name of the devices might imply, not only Bitcoins but also other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum can be purchased on the machines.

Buying cryptocurrencies should become easier, more understandable and safer

With the installation of Bitcoin machines, MediaMarkt not only wants to profit from the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, but also to make their purchase easier, more understandable and more secure. According to GIGA, many people are interested in cryptocurrencies but are hesitant to get started with Bitcoin and Co. due to uncertainties. Kurant also sees the problem that “beginners who have not yet gained experience in buying cryptocurrencies” are particularly put off by online trading places say that these would require a certain level of technological understanding. . That’s why buying cryptocurrencies “to date tends to be associated with digitally savvy people.” “In order to obtain Bitcoin easily and securely, stationary ATMs open up a low-threshold alternative for purchasing cryptocurrencies,” Kurant writes in a press release. “There are interesting opportunities here for traders, on the one hand to attract new customers and on the other hand to participate financially in the stationary sale of cryptocurrencies,” adds Stefan Grill, Managing Director of Kurant.

No Bitcoin ATMs in Germany at the moment

Although MediaMarkt and Kurant speak of success with the installation of Bitcoin machines and are now extending their cooperation to other branches in Austria, nothing is known of a similar approach in Germany. When and whether German branches should also be equipped with Bitcoin machines in the future remains unclear. At the moment, only Austrians can hope to buy cryptocurrencies on media markets.

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