Cryptocurrencies: After El Salvador: Bitcoin is now also legal tender in this region | news

At the beginning of April, ZEDE Honduras Prspera announced that it would introduce Bitcoin as legal tender

No capital gains tax on Bitcoin: According to Honduras Prspera, it has “the best regulatory environment in the world”

The Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) does not supervise or guarantee crypto transactions

At the beginning of April, the Honduran region of Honduras Prspera announced that it would introduce Bitcoin as legal tender – with immediate effect in certain regions. Honduras Prspera is a Special Autonomous Zone for Labor and Economic Development (ZEDE) and the second region to achieve this milestone. El Salvador became the first country in the world to introduce Bitcoin as legal tender in September last year.

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Honduras Prspera advertises with “the best regulations in the world”

The introduction of Bitcoin as legal tender should make Honduras Prspera even more attractive for investors – the region writes on Twitter: “Bitcoin companies can work in Prspera with the best regulatory environment in the world”. No capital gains tax is payable on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Honduras Prspera. Instead, it is now possible to pay taxes in Bitcoin.

Honduran central bank criticizes bitcoin as legal tender

“This new form of FDI, coupled with Prspera’s services, can help transform impoverished communities into thriving hubs of innovation and prosperity,” Honduras Prspera said in the official press release announcing the ongoing Bitcoin adoption. legal. As Heise reports with reference to Reuters, the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) said when asked that it “does not supervise or guarantee operations that are carried out with cryptocurrencies as a means of payment on the National territory”. Instead, studies and analyzes are currently being carried out to determine the possibilities of implementing “the issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which has the property of being recognized as legal tender in the country”.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also criticizes Bitcoin as legal tender: At the end of January, the IMF called on El Salvador to abolish the innovation introduced in September because it was too risky.

The region of Honduras Prspera is disputed

Honduras Prspera was founded in 2020 on the Honduran tourist island of Roatn and is largely autonomous – however, according to Heise, much of the population is against ZEDEs in Honduras. President Xiomara Castro, in office since January, even declared in her electoral platform that she wanted to repeal the law on the ZEDE, because the special zones violate the sovereignty of the country.

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