Costly defeat: Manchester City: Bitcoin among fan tokens plummeting after CL end – 05.05.22 – News

Thursday, 05/05/2022 13:07
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The Manchester City Fan Token is by far the most valuable fan currency. The sharp drop in prices after leaving the semi-finals of the Champions League does not change this.

Manchester City Football Club looked like a sure winner in yesterday’s Champions League game against Real Madrid just before the end. However, two early goals from Rodrygo in the closing stages put Real Madrid back in contention for a place in the final. After a 3:4 in the first leg for the English, it was 5:5 after 180 minutes. In injury time, the Whites won the game with a goal from the penalty spot.

Even when the Skyblues game was threatening to topple, the Manchester City Fan Token dropped hugely. By the end of the match, the course had collapsed by 19%. According to the crypto portal, the market capitalization in front of the two doors of Real Madrid was 47.7 million US dollars that evening, half an hour later GoinGecko only at 37.5 million US dollars. However, no other fan token can compete with City for its place as the most valuable token currency. Paris Saint-Germain followed in second place with a value of US$9.4 million. The market capitalization of all Fan Tokens is currently around US$250 million.

Top 10 Fan Token Currencies by USD Market Cap
Manchester City 37,342,885
Paris Saint Germain 29,289,520
Atlético Madrid 25,531,597
Lazio Rome 19,054,994
InterMilan 17,458,239
FC Barcelona 15,510,673
Juventus 13,318,583
Santos FC 13,172,205
AC Milan 11,327,978
Galatasaray Istanbul 10.055.303

Author: Nicolas Ebert, wall street: online central editorial office

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