Coaching for the “Pusteblume” daycare team / parents receive contributions in return

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Zeuthen-Miersdorf: Coaching for the “Pusteblume” daycare team – daycare parents receive money

Zeuthen-Miersdorf.The particularly tense situation in the “Pusteblume” crèche in recent months and the reimbursement of parental contributions in all crèches were a subject of long discussion in the Zeuthen Committee for Social Affairs, Education, Culture and family on Tuesday evening. Michael Sünermann, Deputy Director for Education and Social Affairs, informed about the current status of the “Pusteblume” nursery. The parents had complained in advance about the temporary closure of the establishment and the late return to normal operation.

Learn more after the announcement

Learn more after the announcement

The small structure of 71 places in three groups has the longest on-call times, namely from 6 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. The shortened opening hours until the end of April and the short-term closure of the Hummel group with children under the age of three have already been criticized at the last meeting of elected municipal officials. Sinnermann reported that the specialized administration checked the use of temporary workers in the emergency situation – without success. The chairman of the personnel committee, who was released for a time slot, worked full-time for one week and an employee of the youth center who is a training educator for two weeks. Administrative staff also helped.

The problems of the Miersdorf nursery have been known for a long time

Susen Kaiser of the “Pusteblume” child care committee did not understand why the parents’ offer of help was not accepted, when it was possible in Berlin. “The use of parental aids is problematic from a legal and organizational point of view,” says Sünermann. Aaron Kehlert, chairman of the district’s daycare parent advisory council, said the “dandelion” issues have been known for a year and a half.

Learn more after the announcement

Learn more after the announcement

Sinnermann went into the details of the care key and informed that the overall situation has been analyzed. He presented measures to avoid crisis situations in the future. The administrative employee held the prospect of a fundamental reduction in long-term care times. Tandem daycare management for six months, accompanying team coaching and a more efficient daycare and vacation schedule aim to prevent problems, among other things.

Parents in Zeuthen are reimbursed for the costs

Like Mayor Sven Herzberger at the last meeting of community representatives, the deputy office manager also assured that only the actual childcare time in nurseries would be charged. Other amounts will be refunded. This also applies to parents who have voluntarily kept their children at home to enable continued operation under corona and illness conditions. “We will be working over the periods from 2020 to 2022, using the group books to track how long each child was in daycare,” promised sinner. He wouldn’t say when it would be over.

By Heidrun Voigt

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