Choose your 2022 co-winner!

Common Award 2022

Choose your 2022 co-winner!

Updated: 04/23/2022, 07:30

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The 2021 joint prize was awarded during a virtual ceremony. Ninia LaGrande (front, center) gave the speech to the cameras running through the Braunschweig media house.

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Voting for the 2022 Common Award begins now. Here you will find an overview of the candidates and the online vote.

enjoy volunteers in our region and participate in the readers’ choice Common Award 2022. With your vote, you help decide who will be among this year’s winners.

You can vote here for free

Vote by phone: Dial the phone number behind your favorite. Voting for the common prize is possible from today until Saturday 30 April inclusive.

Vote by mail: You can also send us a postcard with the name of your favorite before Thursday April 28 (postmark). One vote counts per card:

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Professor Dirk Heinz will give the keynote

The winners will be announced during the ceremony in Braunschweig Cathedral on Tuesday 31 May. Then the 19th Common Prize our newspaper with the Braunschweig Cathedral awarded. The speech will be given this year by the Scientific Director of the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research in Braunschweig, Professor Dirk Heinz.

In addition to the 1st to 3rd prizes, a Special Jury Prize and one Brunswick Cathedral Youth Prize to forgive. The prizes are endowed with a total of 10,000 euros.

For the first time is also the “Trust Award” awarded – a prize for special commitment during the corona pandemic. This prize is offered by BS Energy.

Candidates in a nutshell

Billy Ray Schlag and Tiana Kruškic have many commitments

Tiana Kruškic and Billy Ray Schlag want to support disadvantaged young people with their association “If a bird”. The couple is convinced that with small impulses many young people can achieve great things for their self-esteem and therefore also for society.

“Dirtbike route Süpplingenburg”: Luca and Justus bring the BMX hobby to their native village

Justus Heine and Luca Symietz are behind the mountain bike trail, which is now on the outskirts of Süpplingenburg. They fought for their dream of a mountain bike trail, united an entire village behind them, and actively tackled it themselves.

Homelessness has no weekends: Iglu Day Club volunteers

66 hours without a shower – a problem for homeless people in Braunschweig. Volunteers solve the bottleneck and allow weekend opening hours in the day club igloo and give more than warmth.

Wolfgang Seebauer and his commitment to Technik AG at Gymnasium Meine

Wolfgang Seebauer, 83, from Adenbüttel, has been in charge for ten years
the AG Funk und Technik at the Philipp Melanchthon Gymnasium in Meine. Students then become inventors and engineers for 90 minutes.

Doris Fechner and the choir of residents of the Vechelde nursing home

Once a week – always on Friday for an hour – Doris Fechner visits the retirement home because she founded the residents’ choir. She carries with her her guitar case, music stand and songbooks. She is accompanied by Jutta Fritzsche.

“Cycling without age”: With the electric rickshaw out of isolation

A place in the rickshaw of the Braunschweig Civic Foundation’s “Cycling without Age” project is in high demand among senior citizens. Around 90 volunteers are currently taking residents home on tour. Each trip is different, but the goal is always the same: the joy of living.

The “Learning Rooms Schöppenstedt” team

Sabine Kuhlmann, Susanne Schnettker and Ina May, among others, have formed the Schöppenstedt learning room team and have been helping boys and girls with their homework since the start of the pandemic. A one-off holiday offer has meanwhile developed into a permanent offer.

The team of the summer vacation program in Ilsede

The ten-person team from the Ilsede Municipality’s summer holiday program is helping children for the 45th time this year. With the summer vacation program, they offer children and young people many activities so that they can organize their free time in a colorful way.

The Association of Citizens of Lamme lives integration

The community of Lamme is synonymous with unity and so an initiative for refugees has become a project from which the whole district can benefit in the long term. The motto of the Lamme citizens’ association: “Everyone is at the center.”

The volunteer bereavement counselors of the youth bereavement work of the Hospice Initiative Salzgitter

Since 2011, the Salzgitter hospice initiative has been offering “rainbow path” bereavement work for children and young people. Ten women accompany and help young people aged 5 to 18 and their relatives. Grief, pain, anger and fear have their place here.

Jens L. Heinrich and the Wolfsburg performance schedule

Jens L. Heinrich combines his passion with his commitment to children with cancer: This year, for the tenth time (for the year 2023), the amateur photographer designs a benefit calendar with his photos from Wolfsburg – and donates the proceeds at “Villa Bunterkund”.

For more educational equity: “Students train students”

The volunteers of “Students train students” in Braunschweig give free private lessons. Because education in Germany still often depends on the wallet. Therefore, some students from TU Braunschweig have joined forces.

The “Greenteam ELM-Kids” – in action for environmental protection

The Greenteam Elm-Kids has existed since 2019 and the seven children are committed to the environment all over the world – from the elm tree to Nepal and Peru. Above all, the Elm Kids want to protect nature locally. They have already carried out numerous campaigns and planted trees, for example.

The Wendeburg citizen bus for more mobility

With its many small districts, the municipality of Wendeburg is a popular place to live between Braunschweig and Peine. Only one thing was missing: a good connection to public transport and the networking of places with each other. This gap has been filled with the citizens’ bus.

doctor Marco Maria Burger & his team: In action for the homeless

Doctor Burger, Dr. Menze and Dr. Prönneke voluntarily take care of people in need in the igloo day club. With fixed consultation times but without registration, without preparation, without making an appointment and without a form, they come to the aid of the homeless.

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