CDU State Parliament Candidate Visits Libra Electoral Community

State election campaign in Kamp-Lintfort
CDU State Parliament Candidate Visits Libra Electoral Community

During the tour of the new Libra office on Prinzenplatz, Sascha van Beek focused on family, education and social affairs. In the September 2020 local elections, Libra was directly elected to the city council with 4.64% and two seats.

The CDU parliamentary group and the Libra electoral community know each other well. Together they pushed ahead with the plan to improve the toilet situation at the Ebertschule, which is also supported by the Greens, Liberals and Left. When it came to changing street names in Gestfeld, the two factions went their separate ways.

Libra asked the city council to rename Agnes-Miegel-Weg and Ina-Seidel-Weg, among others, whose namesake had spoken out in favor of National Socialism. The CDU parliamentary group advocated placing additional signs below the respective traffic signs to draw attention to the Nazi past. In March, the idea arose that CDU parliamentary candidate Sascha van Beek could visit the voters’ association. So Alpener, 38, who works at St. Bernhard’s Hospital, visited the office on Thursday evening, which has been in a former barbershop on Prinzenplatz since early May.

“In the September 2020 local elections, Libra entered the city council directly with 4.64% and two seats,” the visitor learned after hearing Hüseyin Semiz, the president of the Libra voters’ association, and Oguzhan Ucar, the president of Libra. faction had been well received. “It’s a remarkable achievement right off the bat,” he said. The candidate for state parliament listened, answered questions and, in a brief introductory speech, focused on the successes of state government. He touched on homeland security, fighting organized crime, hiring police officers, expanding U3 care, returning to a G9 Abitur, hiring additional teachers, subsidized housing and improving mobility.

He defined the CDU as a party of cooperation and hard work, of inventiveness and of the big change towards a climate-neutral industry. He called for thinking of low-income people, who would be particularly hard hit by rising energy and food prices. With these subjects on the family, education and social affairs, he met the taste of 20 listeners. He answered questions about arcades and betting shops, many of which are in the upper part of Moerser Strasse, about silence or about leisure activities for young people.

“Sascha van Beek is passionate about his riding,” said Hüseyin Semiz, delighted with the exchange. ” It suits us. Oguzhan Ucar was also satisfied with the meeting: “We focus on local politics in Kamp-Lintfort. For some projects, however, we need the support of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. The chance to soon have a direct line in state politics is very interesting.

The Libra Voting Community office is located at Moerser Strasse 206. It will officially open on Friday, May 20 at 3 p.m. in two weeks. From 5 p.m., LIBRA invites you to a neighborhood party.

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