Departure in a virtual 3D world

In his 1992 novel “Snow Crash”, Noel Stephenson describes a futuristic society that reminds us of today in certain details: headphones with noise reduction, pizza delivery in 30 minutes maximum and hyperinflation. In order to escape from the real world, the protagonists dive into the Metaverse – a virtual parallel cosmos that exists alongside the … Read more

Cooperation for pragmatic use of the metaverse in the company, Interlake Learning GmbH, press release

A Cooperation between the MediaTech Hub Potsdam (MTH Potsdam) and Interlake GmbH with Volucap GmbH promotes pragmatic start-up and Using the Metaverse in the business. A workshop for a pragmatic entry into the Metaverse Metaverse – a term that has been established since Facebook’s rebranding at the latest, but also existed before that via Pokemon … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg creates FOUR ‘Metaverse headsets’, including a ‘laptop for your face’

MARK Zuckerberg designs up to four new “Metaverse headsets” that take you into his virtual world. That’s according to a new report that claims the next “meta glasses” will be like “a laptop for your face.” Meta (formerly Facebook) is investing billions of dollars in building the Metaverse. It is a series of connected virtual … Read more