Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. Completes Acquisition of Shape Immersive Entertainment Inc. IRW-News

  Alpha Metaverse Technologies Completes Acquisition of Shape Immersive Entertainment Inc. IRW-PRESS   New special file: The best dividend stocks! Ask here for free… VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – May 5, 2022 – Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. (CSE: ALPA, FSE: 9HN0, OTC PINK: APETF) (Alpha or the Company) is pleased to announce its press release dated … Read more

The 1E9_Update May 6, 2022 // Magic Mushrooms, Combat Drones, Metavers and Aliens – Newsletter

Hello, dear @members of 1E9! Become one with the cosmos. Immerse yourself in the spirit world. See the world in a new light. Such experiences are reported by people who consume magic mushrooms. But they are no longer just hippies, esoterics or party animals. Tech investors have caught on too – and are investing millions … Read more

Podcast generator: Regulate or ban the metaverse! | Ignition Radio | Bavaria 2 | radio

  “The metaverse is the physical internet,” says cyberethicist Chris Bühler. According to top Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs, our digital future could “feel like you’re actually there with other people. You can see their facial expressions, their body language, and also see if they really have better cards,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained at the … Read more

New – Spotify Island in the Metaverse

The world’s leading music streaming provider Spotify presents its own Spotify island in the metaverse. In cooperation with expert Web3 and Metaversum Roblox, the fusion of game, digital world and reality is implemented. Not only will there be lots of music on Spotify Island, but there will also be interactions with artists and musicians and … Read more

Cisco Talos Analysis – Vulnerabilities in the Metaverse

In the so-called Metaverse or Web 3.0, a lot of things are supposed to change. What’s left: Cybercriminals will also try to do their harm here. This is shown by analyzes from the cybersecurity branch of Cisco, Talos. […] Photo: Cisco Talos The Internet as we know it is evolving. Durability remains to be seen. … Read more

Expensive metaverse: meta needs to be backed up

Image: Meta The article can only be viewed with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. The global economy is suffering from the consequences of the pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis. The advertising market is particularly feeling the effects – and with it Meta. Since September 2021, Meta’s share price … Read more