Star Crypto Investor: Cathie Wood: Crypto World Around Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. Threatens Banking System | news

Forex in this article Bitcoin will surpass $1 million by 2030 Talents and companies are migrating to the crypto industry Transformation of financial transactions on the blockchain Bitcoin started the revolution for DeFi (decentralized finance) and is also crucial for Web 3.0, she wrote in a post on the public trading app. Wood remains convinced … Read more

Bitcoin and digital assets in a wallet context

The fact that digital assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become increasingly relevant in recent years is illustrated, among other things, by the fact that well-known innovative companies such as Tesla are also investing in Bitcoin. One thing is clear: Bitcoin and digital assets are here to stay. Not only Bitcoin alone, but … Read more

How much of the key currency remains the greenback?

The days of a unipolar world order, in which the United States as the hegemonic power politically, economically and militarily determined world events, are over. Although the United States has the largest military and gross domestic product, the world is increasingly drifting towards a multipolar world order. This should mean that power is spread much … Read more

New information about the 622 million hack

The Ronin attackers’ Ethereum wallet address is now on the US Treasury Department’s sanctions list, confirming their link to notorious cybercriminal group Lazarus. The Lazarus group strikes again The US Treasury Department has added the Ethereum wallet address of the Ronin attackers to its sanctions list, linking it to cybercrime group Lazarus. North Korean hacking … Read more