Candidates for the 2022 regional elections in Langenfeld in the subject check


2022 State Election Candidates in Subject Check

State parliament candidates want to bolster education

In addition to Corona, other important questions also relate to state policy: we asked the candidates in district 37 how they intended to meet the challenges in these areas.

How do you want to advance education policy in NRW?

Marc Nasemann (SPD) With the SPD, education will be free, from childcare to obtaining a master’s degree. Some school buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia are dilapidated, new school buildings must be built urgently in order to be able to offer all pupils school places at their place of residence. We will support the municipalities with two billion euros for this. For me, it is intolerable that children cannot be admitted to the school of their choice where they live. I will also campaign to offer every child a place in the OGS close to where they live. There is an urgent need to reduce class losses and find new teachers. All teachers, regardless of school type, should be paid the same. The profession of educator must become more attractive, because we will have a legal right to open day work from 2025. When it comes to digitization, standards must be established.

Markus Montkowski (volts) The reliable equipping of students and teachers with digital devices must also be ensured after the expiry of the current subsidies. To do this, however, the technical infrastructure of the schools must also be ensured in a timely manner. Both must be managed by IT specialists made available by the State. In this way, teaching in the digital age can develop its potential so that teachers can respond to each individual in a way that everyone experiences the greatest possible support and challenge. The Primusschule NRW is a type of school that already meets many of our requirements for individual education. That’s why at Volt we want to increase their number.

Mirko Bange (FDP) We have reversed the course of education, but we still have a long way to go. Since 2017, the education budget has increased from 17.8 to 21 billion euros. This was absolutely necessary due to chronic underfunding. Today, 24% of the budget goes to schools and 43% to education as a whole. Red-green fought again against special schools – Mrs. Gebauer against the worst pandemic for 100 years. Along the way, high schools have smoothly and quietly returned to the G9. “Write by ear” has been abolished. 6,000 new teaching posts have been created. It is important to build on this. The dilapidated state of schools and the shortage of teachers must be combated structurally and permanently. The digitization of schools must be continued. School coeducation is to be preserved.

Mehmet Sencan (Left) It’s time for a fair education policy that better equips nurseries and schools – with enough well-trained staff and a crisis-proof digital infrastructure. From free child care to a common school for all and guaranteed training, everyone has the right to a good education. Instead of different types of schools, we want to create a good community school for everyone from first to tenth grade. The goal is a full day with free lunch and personal support for everyone – without the need for extra homework or tutoring. Many more good training places and universities are needed. Everyone should be able to benefit from a good education and/or studies guaranteed and without worries.

Claudia Schlottmann (CDU) In terms of education policy, it is important to me that we discover and promote all talents. Every student is different – we need to nurture and challenge these different talents, interests and skills. The school sector is constantly changing, as is our society. We must respond appropriately to this change. As a result, I see a lot of potential for improvement in integrating digital working methods and devices into the classroom. Moreover, we still need more teachers to guarantee good teaching. To do this, the number of study places must be further increased. Another important point is to further strengthen the area of ​​training. For the CDU, vocational training and university education are of equal value. However, I think that the area of ​​training needs more recognition and that we need to better familiarize young people with the area of ​​work-study and training.

Siedi Serag (Green) We want to invest in our school system. There is a lack of modern equipment and premises as well as appropriate teaching materials. I also consider equal opportunities in education to be an important issue, as it must be guaranteed for all children. The quality of childcare services also needs to be improved. We need more daycare educators. In addition, more staff in schools to prevent school failures. From my perspective, politics needs to work with the education union to find ways to create more teaching staff and promote more career changes. Digitization in all schools must be promoted, the Corona crisis has shown us this and of course we must also see this as an opportunity at the same time. In addition, an increase in school social workers and school psychology is needed in all schools. Here we want to use state funds to expand multi-professional staff.

Here is the photo gallery: An overview of the candidates from Langenfeld, Monheim and Hilden-Süd for the regional elections

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