Buy STEPN Coin: new high and sustainable price potential?!

With an overall gain of around 4.5%, the global crypto market is significantly firmer after the Easter weekend. The most valuable cryptos Bitcoin and Ethereum are recovering in line with the market average, so the signs are now green on a weekly basis.

However, the STEPN coin is particularly strong on Tuesday. This has increased by more than 40% in the last 24 hours and has thus been able to compensate for the significant drop on Monday. What should crypto fans know about STEPN Coin now?

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Back in force on the GMT route

After a strong price move last week, there was a significant correction on Easter Monday. The STEPN coin was still trading at around $2.6 on Sunday evening. However, during the day on Monday it fell to around $2.26. But the return was not long in coming. A brilliant rally started at STEPN yesterday noon. A few hours ago, the GMT Coin hit a new all-time high of $3.42. The STEPN curriculum is currently consolidating at a high level.

Exciting roadmap for the next few months

STEPN is targeting the fitness market, which is undoubtedly an important industry with growth potential. With its own Web 3.0 platform, the goal is to inspire people to do more daily exercise and sports. Selling sneakers as NFT can enable features and earn GMT tokens in the future.

The STEPN token is still in the early stages of its development. The roadmap reveals exciting development milestones for the coming months. After the in-app wallet upgrade, there will also be multi-chain versions of the wallet and market in the coming months. At the same time, development milestones such as the establishment of a reward system, a rental system and fi social elements are imminent for 2022. By the end of the year, a marathon in online and community events will take place at the same time. Apparently there is no shortage of course conductors.

Profit taking or FOMO: what next?

The recent surge in stock prices of more than 40% leads to a question: is it profit taking or fear of missing out? The STEPN price is currently trading well above the moving averages. The MACD indicator is also at an all-time high, STEPN has established a strong uptrend.

Nevertheless, after the strong price explosion, there is a risk of profit taking in the short term. All STEPN holders sit on profits that they can at least partially realize. However, the STEPN price rally may continue thereafter. Both graphically and fundamentally, there is a good chance that the success story will continue in the medium term.

Buy STEPN Coin now?

The STEPN Coin remains an attractive investment. Anyone who’s ever thought about getting into the fitness and web 3.0 piece shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket just yet. On the contrary, it makes sense to enter slices. At the same time, some upcoming profit taking could be ideal to establish an early position in STEPN.

Lucky Block Coin: Cheap Entry After Corrective Move – -400% Upside Potential?

The Lucky Block Coin is currently at a different point. While the STEPN coin is trading near the all-time high, LBLOCK has already seen a massive corrective move, so the new cryptocurrency is currently over 80% below the all-time high. Lucky Block is basically much cheaper, there is no overbought condition here.

At the same time, however, new development stages are also underway at Lucky Block. The target of the roadmap is the first draw of the lottery, which is scheduled for the month of April. If successful, the Lucky Block Coin could start a new rally and potentially hit the ATH again, which would earn 400% back on a pending purchase.

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