Bundesliga on the blockchain official partner of the Metaverse app The Football Club

Munich, March 23, 2022 (ots/PRNewswire) The Football Club is cooperating with Eintracht Frankfurt to integrate the Bundesliga first team on its blockchain platform. The partnership is based on the sale of digital merchandise for fans, which is just the beginning of the continued development of fan culture.

The Football Club (TFC) is a new type of virtual football management game and offers its fans digital fan articles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On 24/03 the first drop of the Frankfurt digital kits will take place on the TFC Marketplace at 8:30 p.m. CET.

Timm Jäger, Managing Director of EintrachtTech GmbH, the subsidiary of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, which has again been awarded as one of the best innovators: “The dynamics in the virtual world are enormous. Sport in general plays an important role as a lifestyle trend setter due to its multi-target group orientation. Eintracht Frankfurt set a benchmark in digital sports early on with its own eSports training center. We are always interested in providing our fans with the latest future subjects in the colors of the Eintracht club.”

TFC has developed the first fully functional mobile app game that combines football, blockchain and lifestyle in the Metaverse. The makers claim to offer the fairest and best Play2Live fantasy sports game based on blockchain technology. Players in the game of TFC football managers build their team week by week from players from the first and second Bundesliga and compete with other fans from all over the world. The results of these so-called challenges are based on the points players receive in real time for their performance in the real game. Participation in the games is free. During the games, users can interact with other fans in the virtual stadiums, gain experience and participate in various challenges to collect coins and move themselves and their self-designed avatar on the table.


Timm Jäger, managing director of EintrachtTech GmbH

“We are very happy to have Eintracht Frankfurt, one of the most digital and well-known German football clubs, for our new platform and we are grateful for the trust that Eintracht has placed in us,” said said Ante Kristo, general manager of the TFC. up will create NFT merchandise for Eintracht Frankfurt, which fans can then buy, collect and trade on the TFC virtual market. An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a cryptographically unique and indivisible code, a digital certificate of authenticity, almost an unmistakable digital object of value. This blockchain technology ensures that Eintracht’s limited digital products cannot be tampered with and therefore the digital merchandise can be clearly traced to an owner. In addition to these, there will be lifestyle products and digital items in the future donates to the unity story.

Timm Jäger continues: “The digital world has changed our communication behavior for a long time. The fact that we now have different sports and virtual marketplaces, customer approaches and contact opportunities pushes us to offer our fans very early and very precisely innovative, fun and sustainable offers. Analogue and digital complement each other perfectly at Eintracht.”

TFC founder Kristo adds: “We launched our project in the midst of the corona pandemic because we believe that new formats of digital interaction between sports fans and their favorite brands and clubs are more relevant than ever and have enormous growth potential. was founded and entered the beta phase at the start of the current Bundesliga season. Football fans can collect and trade official, licensed, blockchain-based football and lifestyle items on the platform and play with them. TFC uses the energy efficient, sustainable and Fast Flow Blockchain (FLOW) system by Dapper Labs.

The Football Club was founded by blockchain entrepreneurs Ante and Josip Kristo to provide a platform for football fans to live their passion virtually.


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