Bullish signals! Why Bitcoin is on the verge of a breakout

Bitcoin continues to stay below the critical $40,000 mark. With the corresponding consequences: investors leave the markets, analysts believe that a new collapse is possible. But there are also positive signals. What’s next for BTC and the crypto markets now?

Bitcoin about to burst! Why analysts are so optimistic now.

Photo: panthermedia.net/nevarpp

Bitcoin: Trader expects a new all-time high

The main cryptocurrency has not been able to break out of its fixed range for months: Bitcoin seems to burst again and again, but rises only briefly and then retreats completely. For example, yesterday the crypto market cap fell around 4%, but today it rose 2% to $1.8 trillion. Investors are now reacting to the ongoing highs and lows and exiting the markets. This can be seen, for example, in trading volume or Google search queries for Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are currently at a 12-month low. Popular pseudonymous trader “GalaxyBTC” comments, “The market is doing its best to make it look like it’s over, to turn uncertain bulls into bears, and to confuse all participants.”

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