BRAINIX learning software used in online schools around the world

Since the beginning of October 2021, the private online school Wilhelm von Humboldt has been using the BRAINIX learning software in English and mathematics subjects. BRAINIX fits perfectly into the differentiated and student-centered teaching concept of the innovative and location-independent school. The online school teaches students who live abroad with their parents according to the German high school curriculum. This is the first time that BRAINIX, which has been tested in various secondary schools in Bavaria, will be used in an online school.

The Wilhelm von Humboldt Private Online School is designed as a purely online school. Principal Sascha Berner developed the idea for this new type of school after he had already lived in Costa Rica for a few years and discovered the problems that Germans living abroad had with school development. of their children. As a high school biology and English teacher, who worked in Baden-Württemberg for more than ten years and had previously helped found a private high school, he saw an opportunity to create a new independent online school. of the place based on modern pedagogical principles.

The school, named after Prussian education reformer Wilhelm von Humboldt, was established in 2019 with five students; over the past two years, the school has grown to 140 students from 29 countries, who are taught in eight classes by 40 teachers – most of them part-time. Based on Microsoft Teams software, individual classes, sometimes divided into groups, work on the subject in collaboration with teachers.

“Intrinsic Motivation”

In his search for suitable teaching material, Sascha Berner came across BRAINIX: “Classical English textbooks are not modern enough for us, and above all they are not suitable for capturing the attention of children and young people at the way of computer games, for example. Learning should be intrinsically motivated and match the needs and desires of learners. We see such a contemporary approach at BRAINIX.

“Acquisition of situational knowledge”

BRAINIX has been in use in the online school for four weeks. Sascha Berner is “delighted that the knowledge is acquired in mathematics lessons, integrated into everyday situations. When the calculation of percentages is used in a very practical way to prepare a school trip, no one wonders what it’s for, as is so often the case in classic school lessons.” For Sascha Berner, BRAINIX is an important asset for its online school: “The independent learning with the learning content embedded in the stories fits exactly with our concept of a student-centered school.”

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The non-profit Digital Education Foundation was founded in 2019 by Michaela Wienke and Jürgen Biffar, convinced that to meet the great challenges of our time – digitalization, globalization and climate change – a higher level of education is necessary in all fields. social. Classes. From the perspective of the founding couple, the goal of significantly increasing learning success can be achieved through digital means. As founder and until 2019 Managing Director of DocuWare, an internationally renowned provider of cloud-based solutions for document management and workflow automation, Jürgen Biffar has more than 30 years of experience in software development. The foundation has set up a competence center which, with around 100 employees at three locations in Germering, Eichstätt and Sofia, combines scientific and software expertise in order to develop digital learning tools entirely based on existing programs German schools. Learning programs with the “BRAINIX” name are provided as “Software as a Service” from a central data center, so there is no maintenance effort for schools. Further information:

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