Börse Express – News from the Börse Express PDF from April 25, 2022 (New corona issues – Do&Co, Erste Group, S&T, Valneva, Wienerberger

Corona returns to the field of vision

And that with a look at China’s zero Covid policy. Because there, in addition to Shanghai, Beijing also seems to be sliding towards the danger of large-scale confinement… with the corresponding negative consequences for the economy. Chinese stock markets have already lost more than three percent, and the color red is also dominating in Europe.

» Analytical news on Austrian stocks. Hauck & Aufhäuser confirms the buy recommendation for Do&Co – and raises the price target from 117.0 to 124.0 euros. Still the highest of all price targets. Last closing price: 84.0 euros – average indicative price: 109.75 euros. Deutsche Bank confirms the buy recommendation for Erste Group – and reduces the target price from EUR 47.0 to EUR 44.0. Last closing price: 31.97 euros – average indicative price: 42.97 euros. DBS Bank reclassifies L’Occitane with a buy recommendation – and sets 33.8 HKD as a target price of 47.0 to 44.0 euros. Last close: 25.50 HKD – average short target: 36.95 HKD.< »S&T. According to the directors' report, shareholder grosso tec AG (closely related to CEO Hannes Niederhauser) bought 13,819 shares at EUR 16.19 each. In addition, 5020 shares at 16.14 euros each. < »Valneva. Update on the current status of the ongoing review procedure of the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate VLA2001 by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The CHMP has submitted a new list of questions. This requires additional data and additional justifications for the conditional marketing authorization. Valneva will answer these questions in the coming days. If the CHMP accepts the responses, the company expects to receive conditional marketing authorization this quarter. British health authority MHRA granted conditional marketing authorization two weeks ago. < »Wienerberger. In close cooperation with New Horizon, a Dutch specialist in urban mining, Wienerberger is launching the sustainable and recycling-oriented facing brick CicloBrick. The companies use clay as a natural raw material and process 20% of the residual ceramic materials that New Horizon recovers from demolished houses. < »International Business News: Major Spanish Bank BBVA increased its bid for the full takeover of the Turkish bank Garanti by almost a quarter. Given that the Turkish lira has fallen sharply since the offer made in November, the planned full takeover would cost the Spaniards slightly less than initially expected, based on the current situation. The price per Guaranteed share will increase from 12.20 lira to 15 lira. If all the shareholders of Garanti offered their shares, the Spaniards would have to shell out around two billion euros (they already own around 50%). hyundai gained significantly more in the first quarter of 2022 than a year earlier, despite disrupted supply chains and lower sales. The surplus rose 17% to 1.78 trillion won. Sales rose 10.6% to 30.3 trillion won (22.5 billion euros). Hyundai’s January-March sales fell 9.7% to 902,945 cars due to global shortages of chips and components. The Philips Medical Technology Group faces ongoing supply chain issues. Higher costs, along with new provisions for the recall and replacement of certain ventilators, led to a larger loss in the first quarter. The deficit from continuing operations increased from 34 million euros to 152 million euros in the same period of the previous year. Adjusted EBITA fell by a third to 243 million euros. Sales increased by 2% to 3.9 billion euros. The Covid-19 pandemic has given the pharmaceutical company Roche another favorable wind in the first quarter of 2022. The still high demand for corona tests in the Diagnostics division ensured a further increase in sales. At the same time, revenues from the pharmaceutical sector have also increased. The outlook for the full year has been confirmed. At group level, Roche achieved sales of 16.4 billion Swiss francs (15.9 billion euros) in the first three months, an increase of 10% at the start. The parties are negotiating and could finalize a deal as early as this week, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Musk had repeatedly stressed that he would not raise the $54.20 per share offer price. This would value Twitter at around $43 billion. »International Analysis News: Berenberg Raised Price Target for Nel ASA from 18 to 20 Norwegian kroner and left the odds on “Buy”.

Global military spending exceeds $2 trillion for the first time

In 2021, military spending in countries around the world exceeded the two trillion dollar mark for the first time. They increased last year by 0.7%, adjusted for inflation, to reach 2,113 billion dollars (about 1,940 billion euros), according to a report published on Monday by the Institute for Peace Research. from Stockholm Sipri. This means that spending continued to rise in the second year of the corona pandemic. The USA remains the undisputed leader with expenditure of 801 billion dollars (minus 1.4%). Russian military spending rose 2.9% to $65.9 billion (4.1% of GDP). Ukraine fell 8.5% to $5.9 billion (3.2% of GDP). China rose 4.7% to $293 billion. Overall, the share of military spending in global economic output fell by 0.1 percentage point to 2.2%.

Course accident in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the stock market reopened today after a two-week break – but had to suspend trading again after prices fell. On the Colombo Stock Exchange, prices have already fallen by around 40% since January. Exchanges were initially closed for the past two weeks for the Sri Lankan New Year holiday, followed by a five-day break in trading after the government raised interest rates and declared default. of its debt abroad, suspending interest and repayments. Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic crisis since its independence in 1948. The South Asian country’s 22 million people are suffering from shortages of food, fuel and medicine, power cuts and immense inflation. The government began negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington last week. It is asking for aid of 3 to 4 billion dollars. The finance ministry told AFP that the government was also negotiating bilateral aid with India, China and Japan.

Top Plus Certificates on T-Shares, Mercedes and Puma by Walter Kozubek Certificate Report Publisher

HVB currently offers Top Plus certificates for the subscription of Deutsche Telekom (ISIN: DE0005557508), Mercedes (ISIN: DE0007100000) and Puma (ISIN: DE0006969603) shares. While the T-share certificate (ISIN: DE000HVB6LU5) provides a gross return of 23.5% over the next three years if the share price drops by up to 25%, the Mercedes (ISIN: DE000HVB6LW1) even a gross yield return of 35 percent in perspective. The sample Puma stock certificate (ISIN: DE000HVB6LT7) is intended to illustrate the simple functionality of these products.

Lars Brandau, Managing Director of the German Derivatives Association, Makes Everyone Smart

…painful, on the other hand, is a reality. Inflation and maintaining purchasing power is a hot topic for almost everyone. We’ve long seen the effects when we shop for the week, when we fill up on gas, or depending on our living situation. So what can individuals do to compensate for any additional financial expenses?

Metavers: just hype or coming soon? Adrian Roestel, Head of Portfolio Management at Huber, Reuss & Colleagues

The term has been on everyone’s lips ever since Facebook changed its company name to Meta last year and announced the creation of a Metaverse. Many people ask the question: is it just a technical fantasy or is the Metaverse the next stage of the digital revolution, i.e. “The next big thing”?

The 20 Best Metaverse Stocks

Wysiwyg Studios KR7299900001 32350,00 40000.00 36534,38 30250,53 160.89wysiwyg Studios KR7299900001 32350,00 40000,00,36534,38 30250,53 160.89surgical Science Sweden SE0014428512 210,40 370,00 200,27,235,21,200,23,235,21,20,23,235,21,20,23,235,2160, 37 HTC Corp TW0002498003 51.10-58.86 58.06 34.47 NVIDIA Corp US67066G1040 195.15 350.00 241.43 245.83 31.50. 35stmicroelectronics NL0000226223 35,31 50,50 37,11 39.07 12.02Microsoft Corp US5949181045 274,03 370,00 293,95 305,84 7.42Lephabet Inc US02079K3059 2392,71,3296.785.7, 22Amazon.com Inc. US0231351067 4025, 00 3088,70 3289.08 2887,00 -12.75ambarella inc kyg037ax1015 83,60 172,50 103,16 141,28 -16.14Colopl Inc JP3305960001 016040.0 6390,01 63940,01 98 729,18 – 17.14NetDragon WebSoft Kyg6427W1042 15.54 25.00 16.90 17.67 -19.78 Interactive Take-Two US8740541094 136.41 205.00 151.98 163.22 -23.53 25.71 Himax Technologies US43289P1066 8.75 13.00 10.76 11.39 -31.39 PTC I nc US69370C1009 99.12 147.50 106.81 119.46 -31.77 76 -35.05 -36.90 Meta Platforms Inc US30303M1027 184.11 315.00 210.03 304.96 -37.91S4 Capital PLC GB00BFZZM640 333.20 730.00 403.11 607.39 -40.61

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